Benefits of FTTP for business

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In the next five years, FTTP (fibre to the premises) internet will become increasingly popular for businesses. Here are three reasons why you should switch to FTTP in 2022:

  1. Increased bandwidth and faster speeds. 
  2. Reduced latency and improved reliability. 
  3. Greater flexibility and scalability. 

FTTP is the future of business internet, so make the switch today! Read this article for more info.

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Benefits of Fttp Internet for Business

The future of broadband is here! With an FTTC connection, you get up to 76Mb/s, while full fibre offers 1000Mbps. This may seem like a no-brainer if your business needs those speeds but what about expansion? For example, in the UK there’s already room for growth with their current hybrid cables that can be improved upon when upgrading or adding more devices – whereas direct connections use shorter pulses which means slower data transfer rates at times (though they still exceed Category 6)

High Bandwidth

The high-speed connection among all the broadband connections offered by Fibre to The Premises can be a great advantage. For example, with an upload speed up to 70 Mbps and download speeds at 50 Mpbs or more; however, if you want the next generation of internet service – FTTP (Fibre ToThePad), which offers 1 Gbps bandwidth! This is enough for completing operations efficiently without any hassle.

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For those who need faster uploading capabilities on their laptops while working remotely—or even just having access 24/7 since there’s no party limit like some other providers have implemented into theirs-, then this mightiness satisfies what they’re looking elsewhere.

Secure Transmission

There’s no better way to ensure your business’ security than with fibre optic cable. Through this medium, data is transferred at the speed of light and there are absolutely no ways it can be interrupted or modified in transit! 

This makes for an extremely reliable connection that will never let you down on any level- both physical (copper) threats as well electromagnetic ones like radio waves trying to access protected networks too far away from their source don’t stand much chance when they run into something solid: namely glass cores filled up completely full so nothing gets through except what came out already done its job before anyone could do anything else.

Unusual Durability

Fibre optic cables are the most durable and long-lasting method for connecting devices. They require little maintenance or repairs, which means downtime is reduced significantly! This also results in more uptime than other methods like copper wire connections can offer you with their shorter lifespan (upwards of 20 years).

Wrapping Up

Connectivity is a must-have for any modern business, and it’s especially true in this day and age when everyone needs access to the internet. But finding reliable internet connections can be difficult – that’s why has set out with one goal: To provide you (and all your customers) with an unparalleled leased line provider solution so all of our users always have what they need at competitive rates!

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