List of 5 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android

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It’s the age of Cryptocurrency! The Cryptocurrency has all the needed features to continue for longer years and to bring in a new revolution in this era.

While, a lot has been shared on Cryptocurrency in earlier articles, today our focus will be on some of best cryptocurrency apps for android, which can allow you stay in touch all the time over your phone in regard to Bitcoins and Altcoins.

So, if you are an investor or a trader in Cryptocurrency, these Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android will surely help you a lot in your journey.

Delta – Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android


Being a user of this app, there’s no way Delta is gonna miss this list! The favorite in the list, it has all embedded features, which a Cryptocurrency app for Android must have. Being free, Delta is available in just 14 MB of space and thus downloading it and keeping it in your Phone is never an issue.

With over 2000 coins, lots of exchanges and features to show your balance in USD or any other currency, the Delta offers everything as an app. You can synchronize your exchange with Delta and can keep an eye on your investment in the way you like. Collecting around 4.7 star ratings and being ranked at 10th among top grossing finance apps, it’s the best Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Portfolio tracker app, coin market cap and for getting Crypto alerts.

Download Delta App for Android

Blockchain Wallet – Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android


The world’s most popular digital wallet, Blockchain Wallet is a perfect place to store your digital currencies safe and secure. Serving you as a way to store your valuable assets, it’s the one small app with the download size of 4.6MB and downloaded by more than 1 million users.

You can access your existing wallet or can create a new one, instantly with the use of this app and can be considered as the most powerful Cryptocurrency app for Android. With 20 plus currency conversion rates and availability in more than 18 languages, it’s the perfect app for the people who are into the Cryptocurrency market.

Download Blockchain Wallet App for Android

Blockfolio – Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android


Here’s another Cryptocurrency app for the lovers of Cryptocurrency. With the tracking portfolio of over 3000 coins, you can get customized alerts as and when required. Completely free to use, Blockfolio with the download size of just 12MB, and with the download numbers already crossing 1 million+ can easily justifies its place here in the list.

With Blockfolio, you can receive updates directly from crypto teams, and can remain up to date on prices at different exchanges. With the global coverage of more than 150+ exchanges, it’s an easy to use app, meant to serve you in the best way for your Crypto needs and tracking.  Overall rating of 4.7 stars clearly shows you what to do next! Shouldn’t you download it?

Download Blockfolio App for Android

Bitcoin Checker – Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android

bitcoin checker

Don’t go by the name ‘Bitcoin Checker’, not only for Bitcoin but for all altcoins in the Cryptocurrency market, this app is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android to monitor the prices of all Crytocurrency coins with over 80 exchanges all over the world.

With the latest prices of all coins and readable notifications in your status bar, this app also offers several alarm options for the people to keep unmissed eye on the latest prices of coins. Being free to use as others, having the smallest size among all other 4 names of just 1.3 MB, it has already being downloaded by 100 thousand users and collected an average star ratings of 4.7. Now, it’s your turn to download one of the Best Cryptocurrency apps for Android!

Download Bitcoin Checker App at Android

Bitcoin Checker App removed from Google Playstore

CoinMarketApp – Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android


CoinMarketApp with the ltest news, data and analysis is fast progressing app and can be easily ranked among Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android, which a user can have in their android phones. CoinMarketApp data with the complete crypto news, portfolio, ICO and prices of many big Crypto coins, is a worth to have Android Apps for Cryptocurrency.

Already collecting 4.7 stars ratings and downloaded by more than 500 thousand users, this app has lots to offer like Portfolio, Cryptocurrency converter, alerts, charts, ICO Information, aggregated news from various sources and a complete insight over the market cap. With just 14 MB of download size, it will not take a lot from your Android Phone. Will it?

Download CoinMarketApp for Android

CMA DOPAMINE - Bitcoin & Crypto Tracker
CMA DOPAMINE - Bitcoin & Crypto Tracker

What are the Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android?

Check out the list of Best Cryptocurrency Apps for Android:

  • Delta
  • Blockchain Wallet
  • Blockfolio
  • Bitcoin Checker
  • CoinMarketApp

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