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Setting up your PC with Best Free PC Software in 2019 is a trick which many of you must be searching for!

Free Software drives the PC industry! The whole of the PC industry is almost completely dependent on free software. Choosing the best software for your PC is a thing of need. Of course, you just can’t load your PC with a vast number of Software, and thus it becomes more important, that you make the selection of free software with every aspect keeping in mind. How, you use your PC is a first thing of consideration, which need to put on, before making any decision on free software.

Here, at TechnoMusk, we guide you to Best Free PC Software in 2019 selection, which you can make in 2019:

Best Antivirus Software – Avira Antivirus

Among several robust antivirus software the favorite being Avira Antivirus, has all needed features to make your PC Safe and secure at no cost. With all new free antivirus features, Avira Antivirus steps ahead among all others. It’s the world’s first ever full security package, which not only serves to block malware, but also keep your browser anonymous and also cleans all your browsing traces, with no cost. With next generation security anti ransomware, Privacy protection anti surveillance and enhanced performance privacy cleaner, the Avira Antivirus offers everything free of cost.

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Best Backup Free Software – Google Drive

Google Drive, a product by Google serves the needs to safely hold all your files, which can be accessed any moment of time. With the increasing threats on your PC being hacked or infested, you need to remain extra careful in your approach and always be safe, while putting all your important data as a backup in Google Drive. This product allotting you a space of 15 GB, is more than sufficient space for keeping all important data safe & secured and accessible during your needs. The best thing, you don’t need to download and install Google Drive. You can access it online, with your gmail option.

Best Free Software like MS Office – Libre Office

Libre Office, a free software for people who love to use Microsoft Office. For many, who are searching for free software and seeking the best solution in place of MS office can breathe free with Libre Office. This open source Office Software is a perfect one for all people who are searching for the free software meant to cover their office needs like excel, doc, presentations etc. With several benefits like compatibility with all Microsoft office file formats, and full suite of office software, Libre Office is perfect free software for several offices.

Best Free Media Player – VLC Player

Arguably, the best free media player, VLC player is my favorite in the list of media players. I have been using it, since I bought my first PC in 2003. The VLC Player with the simple interface and quite easy to handle is the best Free Media Player. Capability to handle all Video file extensions, VLC Player is not just a Video Player, but also can play Audio files. With plenty of features in the kitty, it’s the favorite for many across the globe. Many players came into existence and gone, but the VLC player is still in the field with firm foot ever since it was launched in 2001.

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Best Free Photo Editing – GIMP

Are you in search of free software just like Photoshop? Look no further than GIMP. Standing for GNU Image Manipulation Program, it is equally powerful as Adobe Photoshop. With the complete set of tools meant to carry out all Photo editing works, GIMP is more than a sufficient Photo Editing Free Software, which can be handled with an ease. It can be considered as more than Photo Editing Software and is just multi functional like Adobe Photoshop. Packed with several tools and features, it can handle all sorts of image extensions.

Best Free Video Editing- Lightworks

Available on many free software download websites, you can get it right from here, too. Lightworks is Free Video Editing software for PC, currently being used by experts and novice, both. This free software features all aspects, which any video editor or any beginner would like to have in any Video Editing Software. It’s the professional video editor for everyone. With the size of just 93 MB, you need not worry about your data consumption during download. Simple tooltips and support for all formats, Lightworks is in fact for all.

This concludes out article on Best Free PC Software in 2019!

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