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Sport is a perfect amalgamation of physical strength and mental stability. The rules and style of playing sports have been getting more

and more advanced over time. Sports have different forms and involve physical exertion, skills, strength, speed, and endurance. It is modified and designed to attract targeted audiences which has changed the overall sporting experience. The passionate fans are responsible for expanding the popularity of sports who always look for information on various online portals for the latest information. Various Indian sports websites are providing useful content for their fans.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that uses a network of remote

servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data. Today, sports industries use cloud-based technology to store numerous data to analyze to achieve goals by finding the best solutions. With the help of cloud computing, athletes’ data is collected for analysis. Using biomedical sensors, athletes’ routines like eating, sleeping, and training are collected in the cloud servers and further studied to improve their overall fitness and health. Cloud computing restructured the games played and viewed and brought a big change in the entire landscape of the sports industry. It utilizes the real-time parameters of athletes to achieve the finest performance. There are various sports clubs that have been using cloud computing technology on and off the field to devise the best plans for their team.

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How Cloud Computing assists sports

Keep track of injuries & illness

Modern technology has always made our life simpler. These technologies help in the functioning of sports procedures. Cloud computing technologies will prevent the scope of potential injuries and also predict common injuries. Coaches are now well informed about player’s hydration rate, injuries, and overall fitness. They can easily examine the athlete’s data and thus take precautionary measures. 

Player health and fitness

The biomedical sensors transfer the real-time data via the cloud. Like data collected from connected wearable objects which help to reduce the number of injuries. The bracelets, glasses AR, and smartwatches provide qualitative and quantitative information in real-time using cloud solutions. The sensors record the impact of collisions and the intensity of the physical activity and compare them with historical data from a database to determine if the player is at risk of injury.

Easy Access to Data

Data analytics is helping sports organizations to get easy access to garner actionable insights and information related to player development and in-game strategies. To furbish their teams to compete on global levels, sporting leagues seamlessly access data in the cloud. Cloud providers are helping top sports leagues and clubs, such as Formula One, Seattle Seahawks, and Real Madrid to support their data analytics. 

Predict Fan’s Choice

Down the line, we are expected to observe a lot more which could be seen from the point the spectator enters the stadium till the time he/she leaves. It has become incredibly beneficial for the teams and organizers from both the profit as well as engagement points of view. Further advancements in cloud computing and data analytics have made the viewing experience much more immersive for the audiences by use of instant replays, and Hawk-Eye technology.

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Spectators can order food through their apps without having to leave their seats while watching the match live at the ground or the stadium so that they can enjoy the game without any distractions. Finally, as the game warps up and the audience is ready to leave, these apps could prove highly effective as they provide directions and help people avoid excess traffic and overcrowding so that the spectator can reach home the fastest and safest.

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Future of Cloud Computing in Sports

The demand for cloud storage has been exponentially increasing over time and is just expected to grow even further. The perfect amalgamation of cloud-driven Machine learning and proper coaching

and technique is already doing wonders in the sports world. Millions of data points are collected and analyzed to improve the performances of the athletes.

The predictive models have been helping world-renowned teams to perform better at very high levels. By studying the patterns, the teams can design their attack and defense to perform the best in front of a capacity crowd. It’s a gift and a blessing for the coaching staff of any sporting team. With proper training and some time invested in understanding the model and how it works each member of a team can perform at their very best levels.

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