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Amidst the Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19) which has caused worldwide terrors irrespective of all boundaries and regions, the death tolls is consistently on the rise. As of writing this article, the death tolls across the world has already surpassed 24k and by the time you will read this article, the numbers will surely rise to unpredictable number.

However, amidst the Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19), staying safe and well informed is one of the most important measures, which we can do utmost. Corona Virus has been out issue for past 2 months and no one can say with surety when it’s going to be over. Thus, staying informed on Coronavirus and keeps a track on all the happenings on Corona Virus all around the world.

Check out some Coronavirus apps which may prove to be useful in this era of COVID-19.



The first and official Corona virus App, which you can download at your Smartphone, is the HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker, which is available at Google Play Store and Apple App store. This official app is among the very few apps, which is available at this time on both the Android and iOS.

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HEALTHLYNKED COVID-19 Tracker Features

Check out the essential features available at this App related to the Coronavirus.

  • A heat map of the entire world related to the spread of Coronavirus.
  • The data and stats showing the total people affected by COVID-19
  • The deaths across the entire world due to the COVID-19
  • This Coronavirus App offers complete information on COVID-19 Disease.
  • WHO Data reflected in this Coronavirus App

Download Coronavirus Apps at Android here

Developer: HealthLynked Corp
Price: Free

Download Coronavirus Apps at iPhone here

COVID19 Feedback

COVID19 Feedback

For Indians, the COVID19 Feedback offers an official app among the other available app in the category of Coronavirus related Apps. This Corona virus App offers the needed information and gives you an option to the feedback.

COVID19 Feedback Features

Check out the features of the COVID19 Feedback:

  • Get feedback on any treatment undergone by individuals!
  • The data as offered by COVID19 Feedback can be used to highlight efficiencies, issues and process related changes that need to undertaken
  • It’s the official app as offered by the Government of India.

Download Coronavirus Apps at Android here

COVID19 Feedback
COVID19 Feedback
Price: To be announced

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The US Residents will find lots of information on this App of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention app. Here are the features of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention app, which provides lots of information on the Coronavirus Outbreak and all related information.

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US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Features

  • All the available numbers related to the Coronavirus across the country
  • All the steps and measures to be taken amidst the COVID 19 outbreak.
  • All updates related to the COVID 19 outbreak in USA.

Download Coronavirus Apps at Android here

Download Coronavirus Apps at iPhone here

Aarogya Setu


Currently this app, Aarogya Setu is under the testing phase and  has been developed officially by Indian Government. This Coronavirus App among all other Corona virus Apps is available at the Android and iPhone and is the official app as launched by the Indian Government just like many other Indian Government Apps.

Aarogya Setu Features

Currently the features of Aarogya Setu as available with us as per our analysis are as follows:

  • Aarogya Setu will use your location data and Bluetooth to check if you have been near a person who was infected by COVID-19
  • It provides the database of the people who have been infected from Coronavirus Apps
  • It will contain the database of individuals’ travel history
  • It will also be able to tell if the person is indeed living in an area with a high number of coronavirus cases.


Download Aarogya Setu Coronavirus Apps at Android here

Aarogya Setu
Aarogya Setu
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Download Aarogya Setu Coronavirus Apps at iPhone here

Developer: NIC
Price: Free

It’s the high time when we must stay at a safe distance from the people and should try our best to stay at a safe distance from everyone, and carry out social distancing. Avoid going out unnecessarily and try to stay at home.

What are the Best Coronavirus Apps?

Here’s the list of Best Coronavirus Apps!

  • COVID19 Feedback
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Aarogya Setu

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