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The App Store has helped improve and modernize many people’s lives since its initial launch almost a decade back in 2008. It started with nearly 500 applications and has since reached over 1.8 million applications on the store available for people. Apps such as Lyft, Uber, FlightTonight, and countless other apps that you will find are practical and truly functional. Even plenty of games found on the App Store like the Fire Joker act as a means of entertainment for many people. And then there are a slew of unusual applications that make you wonder – “Why does this exist?”

The unique applications that you will discover in our article today might pique your interest enough to download them, whether they appear niche and relatively worthless. 

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List of the Most Unusual Apps Found on the App Store

Here is a list of the most unusual apps on the App Store and what they might have to offer. Also, do not worry, as the majority of the unique applications are free to download, which adds to their appeal. 


This is one of the unusual dating apps you will encounter on the App Store. You might mistake Cuddlr to be yet another one of those many dating apps that millions of people use when you look at it for the very first time. But let us inform you that this app is far more unusual than Tinder or Bumble. It is exclusively for folks who wish to cuddle, rather than enabling one to locate someone they can go on a date with or meet up for the night. Yes, you read that right! Whether Cuddlr is helpful to you or not, it is for other people since the application is quite successful.

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CatPaint is amongst the most unusual art apps found on the App Store. It allows people to add cats to their pictures. On top of that, recently, this application included iMessage stickers for people to use also. CatPaint is endorsed by some of the biggest celebrities out there like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, James Franco, Emma Stone, and Kat Von D. CatPaint has been used by NASA Mission Control too. Yes, it’s true!


Rando can easily be put under the category of unusual camera apps on the App Store. It allows users to play Russian Roulette with their pictures, GIFs, and so on. Let us explain. The Rando unusual application randomly picks a photo, quote, or GIF and sends it to random people worldwide. The basis of this unique application is to take an unexpected peek into someone else’s life. So, if you are bored and looking for something fun and unusual to try out, this application is for you. 

Spirit Story Box

You may or may not be a big believer in ghosts, but there are certainly a lot of individuals who believe that ghosts are real. Some of these individuals even wish to communicate with spirits. It might be among the more unusual messaging apps as the only messages you can expect to receive here are ones from the ghosts themselves. The Spirit Story Box displays random words or sentences that match what the spirits are trying to communicate. On the off chance that ghost hunting is on your to-do list, this unusual application might be what you need. 

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The RunPee unusual application is not only available on the App Store, but it is also one of the most unusual apps for Android and iOS. As the name might already suggest, this unique application tells you when is the best time to go to the restroom during a film. It also provides you with a recap of what you missed when you return. Say goodbye to missing important scenes from now on!

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Closing Remarks

We hope that you enjoyed our article today on the most unusual applications found on the App Store. And if you’re an Android user – don’t be disheartened as there are also plenty of unusual Android apps on the Play Store! Do let us know if you decide to download any of the unique applications we have mentioned above. Also, share with us if you have tried out any other types of unusual applications other than the ones in this article, for example, an unusual hacker app. 

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