Facebook Quiet Mode is Here!

facebook quiet mode

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Rashid Hassan

Facebook announces a new feature known as “quiet mode”, which is designed to offer a feature of ‘mute push notifications’ from the app for a defined period of time.

This feature of Facebook is intended to offer an adjustment aimed to the people who are currently under the lockdown condition during the Corona Epidemic and thus allow the people to set boundaries on how we can spend our time online.

Feature of Quiet Mode Facebook

facebook quiet mode

The new feature ‘Quiet Mode’ of Facebook allows us to set a period of time to mute notifications of Facebook. In case, we open Facebook app while the app is in Quiet mode, we would be reminded that we set time aside to limit your time in the app. Thus, we can set the time to match our work day as per our wish and convenience and thus can offer a relaxed time when we want to stay off the Facebook app.

Where can you find this Feature of Quiet Mode Facebook

The new feature will be available in the “Your Time on Facebook” section of the app.

Also, Facebook added shortcuts to Notification Settings and shortcuts to News Feed Preferences, thus allowing us to “make the most of your time on Facebook” by the process of controlling the types of posts which may appear in our News Feed along with the notifications we receive.

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