How to screen monitoring software compares with UBA

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Information security is a major worry for many firms because our society is more data-centric in both our personal and professional lives. Security tools must cope with the pressure as both external and internal threats get more effective.

You have likely heard the phrase before; if not, please check screen tracking software for more info. It is, in essence, a program that is set on each business computer, tracks user behavior on it, and then generates thorough analyses to make informed. This will enable you to keep an eye on your staff members’ app and web connection in order to assess their work and general online conduct more effectively.

A Proposed Definition of the Ultimate Security Solution

Companies that make activity monitor windows and UBA software both assert that they have a cutting-edge solution for enhancing data security at their organizations.

This assertion is confirmed by the fact that data security is, in reality, the main concern of user behavior analytics software. As we indicated at the beginning, the very reason for examining user patterns of behavior and looking for deviations is to identify outside risks and send out notifications so that they may be swiftly addressed.

Cross-cutting Functions

Even while screen tracking software is not essentially a security feature, it nevertheless includes some tools for in-depth customer behavior analysis that are similar to how UBA operates. User behavior analytics is clearly a lot more protection technology.

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For instance, you may keep tabs on the apps and websites your employees use by using the app and browser tracking software. You can determine whether this information is appropriate for their work, how frequently they execute specific tasks, and what equipment they generally use. There is also a screenshot option that can be used manually or configured to automatically take screenshots at predetermined intervals, allowing you to learn more exactly what they do within those apps.

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What Other Things Does Monitoring Software Need?

Screen monitoring programs and full-fledged UBA are dissimilar in a few aspects. The primary distinction between the two is that UBA can automatically identify aberrant behavior and notify you of it, whilst the former cannot. However, as we’ve mentioned, if you look at the actual reports from a monitoring program, you can discover deviations. Additionally, if your tracking software includes a category option, you will be invited to classify a new app or website that a worker accesses as per efficiency when they do so for the first time. This will allow you to view all new activities.

UBA or software for employee monitoring?

User behavior analytics is perhaps the best option if you require a highly advanced protection system that operates entirely autonomously.

Screen monitoring software will most likely be adequate to fulfil your demands if, on the other hand, you currently have a strong security policy and only wish to strengthen it somewhat. A tracking system will not only provide that extra piece of information security but will also provide you with the chance to evaluate performance rates and productivity if your organization doesn’t have a pressing need for a very high level of security but may use a wider variety of capabilities.

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Final Note

Although there are some similarities between how UBA and tracking software operate, there are also significant differences in the goals of utilizing each. Employee tracking software is focused on giving you a more comprehensive picture of how well your staff is performing, in contrast to user behavior analytics, which is essentially a threat detection solution. But that doesn’t mean they can’t live side by side and yet benefit your company in equal measure.

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