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The benefits and importance of starting a YouTube channel to promote your company will be covered in this piece and expand your company. This post also shows you how to optimise that channel so it can advertise itself in addition to growing. your company, but increase your revenue!

There are four sections to this article. The first part looks at the value of video for brand promotion as we head toward 2020 and beyond. The next three sections describe how to build and promote YouTube channel that  expands your company.

Why YouTube Should Be Used to Promote Your Business (Statistics)

Each month, about 2 billion individuals access YouTube to see videos. YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google (who owns YouTube). This implies that Google will also recommend your film on their search page if it receives a high ranking on YouTube. Making a video that ranks on YouTube is one of the easiest methods to stand out on Google and rise above all other websites and blog articles.

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Customers are segmented

You may use YouTube Ads to target your ideal client, which is another amazing aspect of YouTube. Google ads are a quick and easy way to market your YouTube videos. You are not required to be an expert in Google Ads to promote your videos. The simplest way to promote your films is to launch a campaign on Promozle. It’s simple to understand. After you respond to a few questions regarding your video and your target audience, Promozle runs the advertising for you. It’s one of the simplest ways to advertise my music videos on your channel and generate traffic to them.

Amazing video statistics may be found on Forbes

Video is growing more and more crucial for organisations, according to a recent Forbes article. Forbes has offered some important data.

  • 90 percent of consumers are claimed to be influenced by product films while making decisions about what to buy.
  • 92 percent of videos watched on mobile devices are shared, which is more than other access methods.
  • Compared to only 10% who retain information through reading, consumers remember 95% of information shared via video.
  • Companies who employ video receive a 41 percent increase in online search traffic compared to businesses that don’t use video in their content initiatives.
  • The majority of marketing experts (51,9%) believe that video offers the best return on investment.
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YouTube is a successful, cost-free website. For instance, YouTube not only hosts your videos but also draws users who could end up as customers, helping your company expand and earn more money. In 2020 and beyond, YouTube should be a part of your marketing strategy, if it isn’t already. You may learn how to set up your channel in the parts below, as well as what type of material and best practises a business YouTube channel should have.

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Important Steps to Take When Building a Business-Promoting YouTube Channel

  • The business channel needs to be configured correctly.
  • The best videos to produce for your YouTube channel and business
  • Standards of conduct for business channels
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Do you require making any videos?

Check out what are the most essential elements required for making videos:

High Definition Video

When utilising videos to sell your company, make sure that the content is valuable to the viewers and that the films were produced using a good camera or smartphone. Even though production value isn’t everything, viewers who witness a high-quality, expert-looking movie are more inclined to associate your business with similar qualities.

Have you ever visited a local company’ website that looks like it was created 10 years ago over the weekend? These types of outdated, poor-quality websites make you automatically assume that the company is unreliable, unprofessional, and employs antiquated practices, which may turn away potential customers. See this article for more information on producing high-quality videos.

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Formats for Video

Products and tutorials Promoting your business with product, lesson, and demo videos is a great idea. Each product that your company offers can be a video if it sells a wide variety of items. Talk about it in your videos, for instance, if your product is a service. A great example of how Lowe creates product-related videos and tutorials is on their YouTube channel. This is beneficial.

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Does your website have a FAQ section? Make separate videos for each of those commonly asked questions. In addition to creating a playlist for convenient browsing and viewing, you can include a link to your channel on your website.

Testimonial videos

Post success stories about your business on YouTube using testimonial films. As a result, viewers will develop trust and confidence in your business. These videos also add variation to the material on your channel. Try include a testimonial video every few months.

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Utilize Your Rivals to Your Advantage

Investigate your competitors by visiting their YouTube channels and sifting by most popular videos. You may see which videos are already well-liked in your topic area by doing this. You should then start to notice more traffic and consumers coming to your channel and website as a result of producing more videos that are similar to this one (and are better). Video themes that have proven to be popular have been featured in popular videos on other channels. Look at your competitors’ channels to discover what kinds of videos they’re producing if your business channel isn’t receiving enough traffic or views.


To reach a broader audience with your product or service, work with YouTube influencers. Influencer marketing, which refers to this, has been extremely popular during the past three years. Working with a YouTube influencer whose followers might be a good fit for your brand is a great way to expose the right audience to your brand and its offerings.

YouTube Best Practices for Business

Check out YouTube Best Practices for Business as mentioned below:

Upload Frequency

This is where a lot of YouTube businesses fall short. Establishing a channel involves more than just posting a few videos and letting them stand on their own. To continually deliver higher value week after week takes time and effort. Uploading weekly is preferred, but once or twice a month would do. Additionally, if you’ve created 10 videos for your channel, plan them out weekly rather than publishing them all at once to entice viewers to subscribe and keep visiting.

If your channel already has videos from a few years ago, updating them is OK (but no need to delete the older videos, those views and watch time still contribute to the channel). Verify that each new video is appropriately optimised before publishing it. This includes a great title, thumbnail, description, and tags. Similar to before, there are a number of crucial recommended practises to remember and follow after uploading. You may read more about them in this post.

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In your videos, avoid using a robotic narration! Avoid utilising a mechanical voice in your movies, even if this is more common than you might believe. The barrier it builds between the viewer and the video is impenetrable. Customers would rather speak to a real person on the phone when they have a customer support inquiry than a machine. They also want to watch your YouTube videos! (Or anybody you’ve selected to represent your business on YouTube.)

Company Knowledge

Find talent to represent your business on YouTube. The strongest ties are made between people. When a person is seen as a representative of the company, people are more engaged and intrigued. Therefore, while creating your YouTube videos, decide whether you want an internal spokesperson or external talent to appear in them.

A company called “VidIQ” has developed a well-known tool for better analytics of your YouTube videos. On the company’s YouTube channel page, they have chosen a talent to discuss the company’s products and YouTube best practises.

Things at the Bottom of the Screen

Include a link in the latter areas of your screen to your website and your channel. You can connect a website to your channel in the YouTube Studio’s settings. It must receive approval. After that, you may invite visitors to visit your website by including a link to it in the end screen elements. Similarly, you can add a link to your website to the front landing page banner by choosing “customise channel.” When you’re ready to add URLs, head over to the “About” page and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Include the complete URL of your firm as well as all of your company’s details in the description, to finish. Don’t forget to include all of your contact details and any additional social media connections in the description.


The creation of a YouTube channel for your company that increases revenue and aids in growth requires effort and consistency. Promozle can help you hasten the expansion of your channel. Our Promozle YouTube music video marketing service may be able to assist you promote your YouTube channel and increase views and subscribers. Visit this page for additional details.

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