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The hotel management field has advanced a lot in terms of technology. As a modern-day hotelier, you need to learn how to take advantage of today’s cutting edge technology. With the help of technology, you can increase efficiency, automate daily operations, save time, reduce costs and errors, which are crucial for this competitive hotel industry.

Are you tired of always making errors in updating pricing across hotel sites and, therefore, ending up in overbooking rooms? Do you want to reduce these errors and maintain a platform that helps you run your hotel business effectively? We will introduce the perfect solution to all your problems – a hotel channel manager.

If you are in the hospitality business, you know that an important part of the revenue management strategy includes good distribution channel management. A channel manager can be of great help, and here are six reasons why!

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1. Integration Capabilities

A channel manager integrates directly with the property management system (PMS), allowing reservations to flow directly into it. This will help communicate real-time rates and availability to the revenue management system (RMS). The automated exchange of information about new bookings between multiple sales channels and the hotel’s reservation system is enabled with integrated capabilities.

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A channel manager also integrates as many distribution channels as possible, which allows you to sell rooms on online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS platforms), metasearch platforms, and more such platforms.

2. Provides Time-saving Automation

If you manually manage the inventory levels and rate distribution tasks, you are bound to make double bookings and delayed updates. You even run the time-consuming risk of delayed rectifications.

With the correct channel manager, you save your hours of manual rates and inventory updates every day. Plus, it even eliminates errors, keeps your data logs updated, maintains control on over-bookings and syncs the inventory and rates.

3. Real-time, Two-way Connections

Optimal connectivity is necessary, and it is better for your hotel if your channel manager can receive and transmit your inventory in real-time. Another great advantage is when your channel manager can integrate directly with your PMS and allow reservations to flow directly into it.

A channel manager is able to update prices and availability within a bit of time to avoid double bookings.

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4. Avoid Rate Disparity

A channel manager is designed in a way that if you change the price rate, it will automatically update the modification across all platforms in real-time and reduce the probability of any errors.

Through a channel manager, you are able to maintain rate parity and improve your hotel’s online reputation.

5. Prevent Under/Overbooking Problems

With a channel manager, your inventory is updated across all channels of your hotel, hence providing you with real-time information on room availability. This prevents overbooking and double-booking.

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Because of uneven distribution, there is a possibility that you do not use the inventory to the fullest and end up under-booking. This problem is also avoided with the help of a channel manager.

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6. Get More Direct Bookings

OTAs are great for helping hoteliers and property owners to get new potential guests by offering added reach and effective marketing tactics. Even though OTAs are a cheap and substantial source for acquiring new guests, your return guests are the most profitable if they come back to you directly.

A channel manager will help you create property awareness in big, small, broad, and niche marketplaces without making you worry about any errors or overbooking.


Throw your worries out of the window by avoiding errors, overbooking, underbooking and double-booking with a reputed channel manager. When you let a channel manager come into the scene, you will save your time and avoid losing major profits for your hotel business.

Are you going to be the modern tech-savvy hotelier or an outdated worried one? The choice is yours!

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