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As the COVID-19 has forced many big sports tournaments to be postponed, while many have gone without crowds in stadiums;  Even if due to Corona restrictions, the fans gathering at stadiums have been banned (with just 25% in this IPL 2022); people are left with the option of watching IPL matches through digital medium. In a sense IPL 2022 goes Digital in this COVID-19 Era.

IPL 2022 Advertising on Social Media Platforms

Let’s check out other aspects of IPL 2022 going Digital in this COVID-19 Era:

Digital ads on Social Media for IPL 2022

In this year 2022, IPL 2022 going Digital can be ascertained with the fact that the advertising on various digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube and many other social media channels is expected to rise up to 20% this year. Also, as per the expectation, these digital expenses on IPL 2022 could easily reach to about 35%.

Limited Fans allowed in Stadiums for IPL 2022

As per the reports, The BCCI and the Maharashtra government have decided to allow 25% crowd capacity for the first phase of IPL 2022 in the state from March 26 to April 15. Due to the limited fan being allowed in the stadiums to watch the IPL Matches of 2022, the only option left for all of us, is to watch them on live streaming and on DTH. This again pushes the digital aspect of IPL 2022 2-3 steps further.

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Audience at Hotstar in IPL 2022

The audience at live streaming platforms like Hotstar etc is sure going to be at maximum high as the reason mentioned above (Fans not allowed in stadiums). In the year 2019, Hotstar saw an almost 300 million audience, which is going to see a huge surge in 2022 . Also, the IPL 2022 being among very few cricket tournaments, the people are left with almost no options except watching IPL 2021.

Theaters and Cinema Halls are closed

At this moment, Theatres and Cinema Halls are closed, thus young generation are left with no other choices except watching the premium tournament IPL 2022 live on TVs and other streaming platforms.

TATA in IPL 2022

IPL saw a change of hands when Tata group came on board as title partner for Rs 670 crore for two-year deal (2022-2023), making its annual payout of Rs 335 crore for IPL 2022 and IPL 2023.

New Features at Disney Hotstar

This year, Disney Hotstar has come up with new features in the form of an interactive Watch’N Play social feed. This Watch’N Play social feed allows a nationwide virtual community of cricket lovers to share excitement and support, even while watching the matches live on the Hotstar platform. Also, interactive emoji stream, in the form of ‘Hotshots’ selfies and new video feature ‘Duets’ allows lets cricket fans to create customized videos and thus showcase their performance of famous shots and several other reactions of their IPL superstars.

With the huge number of sports tournaments going down in this COVID-19 Era since March 2020, huge viewership is surely expected for IPL on digital. IPL 2022 is ruling the Digital Media.

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