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Today there are many people who need to share large files online, either for work, studies or simply to send photos of a trip with friends.

For this reason, at Portaltic we have made a list of ten services to send large files for free. Here read the whole article to know which one is good for you. There is a great variety of them and each one offers different capacities and, even, for some of them it is necessary to register.


One of the best-known services to send large files is WeTransfer since it is easy to use and offers free shipping without registration of up to 2GB.

With the free WeTransfer service, users can send a link to the documents that are available for seven days. After the link expires, the submitted files are removed from their servers, so it is advisable that users save them until they make sure they reach the person they want to send them to.

WeTransfer also offers a payment service that for 12 euros per month allows you to send and receive up to 20GB and offers 1TB of storage. It also allows users to decide how long the link can be available.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service, in spite of the fact that it can likewise be utilized to transfer documents. This service offers 15GB of free cloud storage and allows users to send large files within that limit.

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In order to use Google Drive, users will need to have a Google account, and once they have one they can send files by email or with a direct link.

Also, Google Drive allows users to decide who can access the link, as well as enable editing or comments on shared files.

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Like Google Drive, Dropbox is also a cloud storage service that can be used to transfer large documents/send large files.

In this case, Dropbox Basic offers free storage of up to 2GB, and there is a limit for uploads and downloads. In the first case, there is no size limit for files that are uploaded from the desktop application or the mobile ‘app’, although files that are uploaded through have a limit of 50 GB. In the case of downloads, it is limited to 20GB of bandwidth and 100,000 downloads per day.

It also has a service called Dropbox Transfer, which allows file transfers of up to 100MB in its free basic service. With Dropbox Transfer, transfers are automatically set to expire in seven days. However, subscription users can set the expiration of up to one year or add a password.

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Smash is a service quite similar to WeTransfer, as it allows large file transfers through its website. One of the highlights of this service is that it allows you to send files of any size, and in the free version they are available up to 14 days.

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Additionally, Smash offers some features like password protection as well as file previews for free users.

Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere file transfer service allows you to send documents, images, videos or audios with no size limit. In addition, it is easy to use and users can send the files by email or via a link.

The only downside to Send Anywhere is that users will come across an advertisement when using this service.

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For its part, SurgeSend is a free service that has an upload limit of 3GB per file and, in addition, offers storage with a 5GB limit. In SurgeSend links expire seven days after they are sent and with the free version, it is possible to transfer large files with up to three people in a single transfer.


In order to use this file transfer service, it is necessary to download the Terashare application, which allows you to send files of any size. Furthermore, clients can send the download link to the individuals they need before the content is uploaded, in spite of the fact that to acquire it will be important for the upload to be finished.


With SendThisFile, users will also be able to send large files of any size, although to do so they will need to register first.

SendThisFile’s free plan allows you to send files to a single person and the link lasts for three days. SendThisFile has different payment plans ranging from $ 4.95 per month (around 4.25 euros per month) to $ 99.95 per month (around 85 euros).

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Filemail is another file transfer service that allows you to send up to 50GB, which will expire seven days after sending. To use this service, which is free, you will not need to register, although this plan does not include any type of encryption.


Lastly, Ydray is another service that allows users to send up to 5GB of files for free. To use this tool it will not be necessary to register or download anything. Likewise, users will be able to send a link with the files to the number of people they want, although if they do so by email they will have a limit of 20 people. Files expire ten days after submission.

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