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The influencer marketing acquaintance is a strategy that consists of building a link between a brand and a person who has a leading role on the internet, that is, an influencer.

Influencers are characterized by having charisma and the ability to engage people with the brands they work for. It is enough that they make a review of a product or service or that appeared using any of them.

The reality is that there are people who have already earned the trust and attention of the public, creating a community and being one step higher on social networks, they stop being mere users and become influencers.

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What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

If you still do not know the benefits of using an influencer marketing for your business, here are some of them:

  • Increase the chance of receiving positive feedback
  • Generate many more conversations and interaction with users in networks
  • If you have a website or landing page, influencers can help you increase their traffic.
  • Influencer campaigns are usually not that expensive, as long as they are built the right way.
  • The brand or business gains reputation and prestige
  • It serves to reach the public in a much more organic and less aggressive way.
  • Your content is not seen as advertising, however, so the public is less likely to avoid it
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Knowing this, how can I create a strategy with influencers?

It is important that you take into account the following steps if what you want is to create a marketing and communication strategy with influencers:

  • Before choosing an influencer for your brand, you must be clear about your values ​​and what characterizes you as a brand. This way you will know who the right person is and that it will help you reach more people.
  • Once you have found the ideal influencer, you have to give him a positive image of your products, your services and your brand in general.
  • Make sure to get positive opinions from the influencer towards your brand and services that can be shared in networks and other media.
  • Including influencers in the launch of new products or the promotion of a specific one can help you get your message to many more people.

Who has already used this strategy?

Every day there are more and more brands that join the trend of influencers to promote their products and services. And several have managed to get a lot out of all these collaborations. Here we present three cases that we consider are important to review and analyze:

  • Lord & Taylor: In this campaign, the brand got 50 influencers to put on the same dress and upload a photo almost to the minute and at the same time. The result of this campaign is evidence that using influencers is an undeniable way to win over the top of mind.
  • Tyson Foods: The disruptive part of this campaign was transforming a Christmas tradition, inviting mom bloggers to share their recipes for nuggets decorated as Christmas cookies. The campaign reached 8.8 million impressions, achieving 70% more than its initial goal.
  • Samsung: The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had the privilege of being promoted at an Oscar ceremony, and the influencers on board for this campaign were the same Hollywood actors who starred in what was later deemed “the most retweeted selfie in history.” ”, getting a million shares in 40 minutes.
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How do I launch a campaign with an influencer?

The way to carry out a campaign with an influencer can be radically different depending on the profile. From the form of contact to the remuneration conditions, they can be radically different depending on the type of profile chosen. In general, several steps and actions have to be put in place to prepare the way.

  • Hiring: With each influencer, a contract must be signed specifying the terms of the collaboration, what is required of them (number of publications, time of publication, type of publication…) and certain clauses such as not mentioning another brand in the agreed publication or collaborate with competing companies in a certain period of time.
  • Briefing: A document must be prepared with all the information on the campaign, the product and the advertising company. In addition, multimedia material will be provided so that they can generate the content: videos, infographics, images…
  • Execution planning: Taking into account all the phases of the action, an execution planning must be defined where the dates and times in which each of the tasks must be carried out are indicated.
  • Definition of the campaign hashtag: Following the creative concept of the campaign in which this action is integrated, a campaign hashtag must be determined. In this article we explain how to create the perfect hashtag.
  • Determination of the KPIs: To later prepare the results report, it is necessary that you first define which indicators we are going to measure.
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In conclusion…

Influencers are a great opportunity if what you want is for your brand to quickly become known, since you have at your disposal a community already created and ready to consume what your favorite network person recommends.

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