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Consider These Three Factors for internet speed for gaming:

  • Upload Speed
  • Download Speed
  • Ping Rate

CenturyLink is ideal for gaming. Most people don’t know this but online gaming does not necessitate a large amount of bandwidth because it is not transmitted straight over the internet.

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Why is Centurylink great for online gaming?

Amazing internet speeds

The amazing internet speeds for gaming online are made possible when users get an unlimited data plan. These plans make it possible for users to stream their favorite shows, play online games, search for jobs and so much more. An unlimited data plan also makes it possible for users to access social media sites, take conference calls, engage in video calls and a lot more.

CenturyLink has some of the best speeds available

According to a study by Ookla, CenturyLink holds its own in terms of download speeds, ranking 5th. Ookla, which tests Internet speeds across the United States, says CenturyLink customers can expect download speeds of 21 Mbps, which is higher than AT&T (18 Mbps), Verizon (17 Mbps) and Sprint (13 Mbps). (Charter Communications ties for 6th place with Verizon.)

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CenturyLink has an excellent customer service team

Customer service is an important aspect of any successful business. It’s what people connect with whether they’re buying a cup of coffee or a service that will directly affect the livelihood of their family. But what makes a company stand out? Communicating clearly with your customers and responding to their inquiries is a big part of that, but so is offering an excellent range of customer service options.

CenturyLink has high download speeds

CenturyLink is one of the two companies leading the U.S. in high-speed internet. With more than 40 million customers, CenturyLink has so much data going through its network that it’s now rolling out a new service option called “Speed Boost.” This new service option offers speeds up to 100 megabits per second (mbps), which the company claims is the fastest internet speed available through any internet service provider (ISP).

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CenturyLink is high in upload speeds

CenturyLink is a highly ranked internet service provider that has a variety of options for high-speed internet service. In addition to offering download speeds that range from 3 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, CenturyLink also offers upload speeds from 6 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps. CenturyLink usage caps are unlimited, and data rollover is available whenever there is insufficient data. CenturyLink offers home internet service, TV, and phone services.

CenturyLink is great option for online gaming

Playing on some of the best online games available? CenturyLink internet service has the solution. CenturyLink provides gamers with fast, reliable, and uninterrupted connections to popular online games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Minecraft. CenturyLink also offers dedicated gaming servers that cost only $59 per month, as well as access to thousands of gaming routers. CenturyLink is a major player in the broadband industry, with over 5 million residential and business customers across the Unites States, so you can rest assured CenturyLink’s gaming plan is reliable and fast.

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