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If you plan to start the New Year on a fresh note, it may be the right time to buy a new smartphone. Switching from Android to iPhone can be a welcoming change, provided that you have the budget. Apple phones are premium devices, and you will love to flaunt them. Not to mention, they come with the most amazing range of features.

But the transition from Android to the iPhone may seem like a big challenge if you are a first-timer. While you may need to invest some time to get to know your new device better and be comfortable with it, the effort is completely worthwhile. Here are some good reasons why you must make the switch from Android to iPhone in 2021.

Experience the Apple ecosystem

The most obvious reason to move from Android to iPhone is to experience the amazing Apple ecosystem with its incredible products and the unmatched services and features they offer. While the brand brings a wide range of computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches, all of these work together seamlessly and effortlessly. You need not even invest effort in downloading or installing separate applications for linking them together. Just sign in to the device with your Apple ID and you are good to go!

You can share and sync your photos, emails, calendars, and notes across all the devices and access them anytime and anywhere. You also get the benefit of a closed ecosystem that assures user safety. The situation varies for Android phones, as there are different brands of devices coming from different manufacturers. Even as they run on the same OS, you cannot be sure about operating them seamlessly and safely.

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Stronger information security

The growing number and sophistication of malicious attacks make device owners conscious of security. Experts unanimously consider Apple devices to be better than their Android counterparts on the security front because the latter are more vulnerable to smartphone malware. The exposure to app stores puts them at risk because the apps aren’t verified as stringently as Apple’s App Store does them before taking them in.

Apple is highly selective when it comes to letting apps be a part of their ecosystem, so there is hardly a chance that your device will be compromised. Google’s app store has a free environment where developers can put their apps without any checks or verifications. Android users can install these apps from outside, which makes it impossible to steer clear of the ones with malware and viruses. If you are serious about information security, you must not think twice about making the move.

Immense ease of use

If the transition from Android to iPhone sounds daunting, you will be surprised to know that the latter is a breeze to use. A simple operating logic brings immense usability for these devices. All the apps on your phone are launched from its home screen, while you can find all the settings under one menu. Even when you upgrade to the latest model, there isn’t any change in the OS.

Solutions to specific problems are also simple. For example, if you think that someone has accidentally or intentionally blocked your number, you can check to learn more about the issue. Things aren’t as simple with Android devices. They can be customized in various ways, and it often makes the OS confusing as compared to the iOS system.

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Early access to the best apps

If you want to be the first with the best, Apple has your back. Top developers who create innovative apps favor the OS over the others. So you can expect to find the latest and the best on Apple’s App Store first, and they will come much later on Google Play store. Some apps may not even come for the Android platform at all, which means that you may even miss out on them if you use these devices.

Developers often consider creating apps and games for Android phones a challenge because there is such a wide variety of devices. These phones have unique features and varying screen sizes, so it gets a tad tougher to make apps align with these features. Further, the revenue model of the App Store is favorable for developers who create high-quality apps, and it acts as a motivating factor for them.

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Good resale value

Apple is a smart user’s pick because it assures good resale value, so you get your money’s worth when you plan to sell at any point or want to upgrade to a newer model. Even if you have to spend more on these premium devices, they serve as a worthy investment because you can command a hefty price for them down the line and even years later.

Compared to the Android counterparts, iPhones yield far better value as these are crafted from high-quality materials and have a premium brand value. Moreover, these phones remain up-to-date longer because there is a single manufacturer creating them all. It isn’t the case with Android devices because there are multiple brands vying for customer attention, and each one wants to give something better than the others.

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A device for everyone

iPhones are great for family users as it makes an excellent choice for children. The best part is that you can be sure about safety as these devices empower you with tracking and control so that you know what the children are doing with them. The Family Sharing feature serves the purpose of family users.

It lets up to six members share music, photo albums, reminders, calendars, and film or app purchases. It hardly leaves a chance for a child to download paid apps or inappropriate content because parental approval will be required every time. You can even track the child’s movements and be sure about their safety when they are outdoors.

Switching from Android to the iPhone makes an excellent idea for those who want to do much more with their smartphones. Unlike the myth, the switch is far easier than you may imagine, and you can start experiencing the best that it has to offer right from the time you buy it!

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