History of Bitcoin – Journey from Dust to Gold Dust

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As promised in the last article, that we will surely cover the History of Bitcoin rise, here we go.

Bitcoin as you recently witnessing, was not always same; it has travelled a long journey before reaching these peaks. With the ebb and flow, Bitcoin’s journey has been a great tale to tell your grandchildren.

Invention of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin’s journey started in the year 2009, when someone named Satoshi Nakamoto invented it. However, nothing much is known about the person and where he/she belongs from. It’s the pseudonym given to the person who invented it.

The Long Journey of Bitcoin – History of Bitcoin Value

Here’s a timeline of History of Bitcoin  Value:

Year 2009 – It was the time, when the price of 1000 Bitcoins was just $0.003

Year 2010 – Later in the next year, the price of Bitcoins surged much rapidly and 1 Bitcoin (BTC) was valued at $0.5

Year 2011 – The next year saw the value of Bitcoin rising to the high of $10

Year 2012 – However, the year 2012 wasn’t a progressive at all, and average price of 1 Bitcoin remained at $10

Year 2013 – The nest year, 2013 saw the great highs and the entire world was seeing 1 Bitcoin at $600

Year 2014 – The 2014 was the year which saw a slump in the btc price and it dipped to $310

Year 2015 – With the slight pump in the price in 2015, the Bitcoin was standing at $360

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Year 2016 – The progressive year, 2016 saw the average price of 1 Bitcoin to $1000

Year 2017 – The unexpected year in the entire journey of Bitcoin; where the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed from $1000 to All Time High of $19000.

Year 2018 – Just after reaching to the ATH (all Time High) of $19000, the Bitcoin could not sustain that rise, and it crashed to below $10000 mark. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin is placed at $8000.

Take a look at how the Bitcoin skyrocketed from $1000 to $19000, a rise of 1900%.

The History of Bitcoin journey and value has always not been a pleasant one, with several bans and several approvals playing an important role in its price fluctuations. Many a times, it was subjected to theft, which pushed down its value. However, the world is recognizing its potential and many countries are adopting it as a method of payments.

An Interesting Fact
A person named ‘Laszlo Hanyecz’ bought a Pizza in 2010, by paying 1000 Bitcoins on 22nd May. Now, can you calculate the price of a Pizza as of today’s Value. Its whopping $8000000! He must be regretting at his decision, now! Poor Guy! This Day is now being celebrated as #BitcoinPizzaDay!

As of Today, the Bitcoin’s Market Cap stands at $135,348,498,542, while the total Cryptocurrency market Cap is valued at $348,511,587,510, thus marking Bitcoin’s dominance at around 38.8%.

Want to read more interesting facts & Stats on Cryptocurrency? Stay Tuned!

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