How Are the Top Cryptos Really Doing?

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Cryptocurrencies—they sound like something that belongs firmly in the future. Like something that wouldn’t seem out of place at a Federation outpost deep in space. Well, hang onto your hats, people, that future is now.

Cryptos are not only here now, but there are some that are doing pretty well. Scroll down after you’ve finished reading, and you’ll see a selection of top 25+ cryptos compiled by Stefan from the Bitcoin Play review site.

We know that the figures are going to blow your mind. After all, we thought that we knew a thing or two about cryptos ourselves. But the market cap on some of these companies is astonishing, especially considering that most haven’t even been around for more than five years.

Okay, to be fair, we did know that Bitcoin was going to be right up there in the pole position. That makes sense because it’s the crypto that receives the most attention. But Ripple and Ethereum have also put in a fairly respectable performance.

And, no, we’re not talking Mickey Mouse money here—the market caps for the top fifteen on the list are all over a billion dollars. Most of the rest are not all that far off from hitting the billion-dollar market cap either.

As interesting as the market caps of these companies are, if you’re an investor, you’ll want a little more information. The IG shows the following information for each company:

  • The Name – Naturally

  • Release Year – It’s interesting to see exactly how quickly these companies have reached those astonishing market caps.

  • The Market Cap – These are the figures that will wow you.

  • Circulating Supply – It’s basic market economics, the scarcity of an asset is going to affect its price. The more coins that are circulating, the lower the price per coin is likely to be.

  • Total Supply – Some companies have opted to issue a limited number of coins. This is a clever move when it comes to increasing the value, because once the total number has been reached, there are no more to be had. It could be problematic, though, when those coins are used to pay for services on the network, so not all companies can go this route.

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Want to see the stats for yourself? Have a look below and see for yourself

Bitcoin Alternatives What The Crypto

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