Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

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Out of many Technological advancements in the last decade, Cryptocurrency definitely has been the prime among them and caught the attention of many, across the Globe. The Cryptocurrency has given a new way to the thinking to most parts of the world, and with this decentralized platform, it has enough power to bring a revolutionary change in the whole world. The whole world which at this moment is functioning in terms of currency, can see a change if this Cryptocurrency can continue to function in the same way and find its way to the hearts of businesses all over the world.

With bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency, which was launched in the year 2008, is the father of all Cryptocurrency coins launched after it; it has paved the Cryptocurrency revolution in the world. Launched by Satoshi Nakamoto, it is the first and most powerful Cryptocurrency coin at this date.

With the passing of time, many coins were introduced in the market, with the Namecoin being the first Altcoin, introduced in April 2011. However, over the passing of times, some tend to die and only the solid ones, which can weather the harsh times, retained their presence over the years. Today, in this Article, we will focus on those Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin, which have enormous capability in the future and show much strength to progress ahead in the future and bring a revolution in the market.

Ethereum – Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin


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Launched in 2015, this Ethereum is ranked 2nd most powerful coin after Bitcoin. Currently trading at $451, this Altcoin has the market cap of $45,315,637,981. Operating on the same technology, blockchain technology, it is more than just a digital currency. It runs on smart contracts and has the capability to facilitate money exchange, content, shares, property exchange and all others. Running on platform specific Cryptocurrency token ‘Ether’, this Ethereum has the enough fuel to run for a long distance.

Litecoin – Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

Litecoin coin

Litecoin, a peer to peer Cryptocurrency, its creation and transfer is entirely based on an open source cryptographic protocol. Launched in 2011, this Litecoin has faster processing in comparison to Bitcoin. The ability to process each block every 2.5 minutes as compared to bitcoin’s 10 minutes, you can send money to any friends or family, quickly and cheaply as compared to bitcoin. Currently ranking at 6th position in terms of market cap with $4,561,594,249, this is currently trading at $79.71.

Ripple – Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin


With all other Cryptocurrency Coins geared towards the individual needs, this ripple has diverted its attention towards banking system and proving to be the Best Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin. Ripple is far and more reliable Cryptocurrency, which has enough backing from banking systems and even several banking agencies all over the world has adopted its technology as their functioning and many others are thinking to adopt it. Launched in 2012, this ripple or XRP, has the ability to offer instant, secure cross border payment systems with minimum costs and more transparency. Considered as the most scalable digital asset and an  important Bitcoin Alternatives in 2019 amongst all Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin, it has several other important features, which no other coins have. In terms of market cap, it finds its place at 3rd position, with the overall market cap of $17,950,120,492. Currently it is trading at $0.45 per coin.

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IOTA – Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin

IOTA coin

How’s IOTA different from others? IOTA, Standing for Internet of Things, holds some of the biggest potential aspects for human life. IOTA is not working on blockchain technology, this functions on Tangle ledger concepts. Launched in 2015, it has fast captured the Cryptocurrency market and climbed to the 9th Position, with the market cap of $2,918,673,569. With several salient features like no mining required, scaling almost possible without any difficulty, and with the vision to enable machine economy, internet of Things, this surely has huge gas in its kitty to continue for a longer time and deliver something unique to the society in the long run. Currently it is trading at $1.05 per coin.

Monero – Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin


Monero or XMR, is the open source Cryptocurrency launched in 2014. Considered as a secure, private and untraceable Cryptocurrency, this Coin utilizes extra security features thus offering completely untraceable feature unlike Bitcoin. Using a technique ‘Ring Singatures’, it conceals all sorts of transactions related aspects, like amount, origin and destinations, thus offering a complete privacy. Currently showing its presence at 13th place in the Cryptocurrency market cap, with the total market cap of $2,106,861,016, the price for each currently stands at $130.16.

The Cryptocurrency has enough legs to continue for the longer run and has enough muscles to bring a new change in the world. The time has just started, you will witness the change in upcoming years on how we transact across the digital world. Consider accumulating Bitcoin Alternatives  in 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin!

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