Have you ever come across the word “Airdrop”? What are Airdrops? What does Airdrop mean? What’s their purpose? etc
If you noticed it somewhere, didn’t you think of getting more information on What are Airdrops? If you are interested to know, what actually the airdrops are, you are definitely in the best place!
Let TechnoMusk explain you all the details of the Airdrops; What does Airdrop mean, what are they related to and how can they change your life forever!

What are Airdrops?

In your query of, What are Airdrops?, What does Airdrop mean, The airdrops are the distribution of the Cryptocurrency coins or tokens, which are free of cost and generally available to all the countries, however with the restriction to the citizens of Particular Countries depending on the sole discretion of the company behind the airdrop. The airdrops are generally carried out for the purpose of gaining attention and heavy followers before the launch of the actual token in the Cryptocurrency world.

Who can carry Airdrops?

The Airdrop can be carried out by the exchanges, by the companies looking to launch the tokens. The Airdrops can be launched by the Blockchain-based startups in order to provide a boost to their Cryptocurrency projects. Several established Blockchain-based enterprises like Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallet services can also carry out airdrops in order to offer some loyalty to their users.

Why are Airdrops carried out?

The airdrops coins are distributed free of cost to the people all around the world. It’s not the sheer madness for someone to just distribute free money to the people around the world, but in fact, there are lots of the salient benefits and purpose for the free airdrop, which are listed as below:
As a Reward for Loyal Customers: As said earlier the Airdrops can be launched by the Cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallet services in order to offer their customers some loyalty bonus

To Generate Lead Database: Many companies look for the leads (active leads) to successfully run their various programs, and in order to get those leads, the airdrops are a successful and effective process. The Airdrops catches a lot of attention in the Cryptocurrency world and with the details required during the application filing for the airdrops, can be utilized by the None-Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency based platforms for various tasks.
To Create Awareness about a New Cryptocurrency: Every successful campaign needs a lot of attention and a huge following. The Airdrops coins are the free asset for the people, which attract the people instantly and thus create a buzz in the market for the token in no time.

How important are Airdrops Coins?

In fact, in the initial phase, you may think of them as completely useless tokens arrived and present in your wallet. There may be no price indication for those tokens and you may think them as of no use. But these Airdrops coins have the power to change your life completely. And seriously, it’s true! The Airdrops, which are present in your wallet, may be listed in exchanges and by the time it starts getting listed on various exchanges across the world, the prices keep on mounting.

The Airdrops tokens, which you collected free of cost, without spending any single penny, may be worth 1 dollar per coin. You may be allotted a different number of coins depending on your referrals, airdrops fixed allocation and other tasks completion. Thus, considering even if you have 100 of such coins, you have 100 dollars in your wallet, without spending a single penny.

There are numerous Airdrops coins which gained significantly after getting listed on various exchanges across the world.

One such name is the HYDRO Airdrop, which gained significantly after getting listed on an exchange and those who applied for the hydro tokens got significant free money!
What it needs, to get airdrops coins?
Now, the important question arises, how to get those Free Airdrop coins? What are the needful steps required to do to successfully apply for the airdrops coins? For your needs and demands, here’s the list of the requirements:
Ethereum Wallet
Telegram Account
Twitter Account
Email Address

In some cases, you may need some additional tools, which are mentioned below:
LinkedIn Account
YouTube Account
Facebook Account

Also, most of the airdrops coins are Ethereum based, however for the airdrops coins which are not Ethereum based, you may need a different wallet, as specifically mentioned by them. You may get those wallets free of cost at the platform like Apollo Wallet, Neo Wallet etc, which all can be generated on their respective platforms

How to check the Airdrops Coins?

You can check the Airdrops Coins at the respective wallets. Just go to the wallet platform and open the wallet and you will find the complete detail of the entire airdrops coins received! There are some platforms, which allow easy access to the wallet. For example, Ethereum based wallets can be checked at, as mentioned below:

Don’t get scammed

However, one must be careful that they don’t get scammed in any way. There have been some cases of scams on the name of airdrops. All you need is to take care of the following aspects:

In no case, don’t give the wallet address of any exchanges (No Legit Airdrop ask the wallet of any exchange)
Don’t provide any secret details like ATM PIN, CC Details, or bank account details (there’s no legit airdrop, which requires those details)

If any airdrop requires a lot of details, exceeding the above-mentioned ones like FB Url, etc, better avoid them!
While, in this segment, we discussed, What are Airdrops?, What does Airdrop mean, In our next series of articles, we will take you on the journey of some Hugely Popular Airdrops! Stay tuned!

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