Altcoins or Alternate Coins are all other coins except Bitcoin. The coins like Ethereum, Ripple are all altcoins. Go to the already published post on Altcoin here.

While, we are not a predictor that we are going to predict the future of any Altcoins to invest in, and our prediction will make you rich instantly. In fact, the future of Bitcoin & Altcoins cannot be predicted for sure, in any case. If you consider it for the long term, the task becomes more difficult, as there are several factors which run in over the future of the Altcoins and Bitcoin price.
In fact, the prices are more manipulative and depend on the market buzz and hype, and less depends on the charts and trends. Thus, not focusing on educating you on those charts and lines, we are just giving you an insight on the best Altcoins to invest in and will focus on what are those best Altcoins in 2018, which you can look towards for better gains.
When you look towards the Altcoins list, you will find it so long that mentioning all of them isn’t possible at this stage. There are almost more than 1957 Altcoins in the list, which are currently functioning and who knows, by the time you are reading the article, some may have gone, while other new ones are added. So, focusing more on the best Altcoins, here’s the Best Altcoins 2018 as follows
In this particular Altcoins List, you may find most of them at their lowest price, currently (at the time of posting the article), the easy scenario may be to purchase some of them at their lowest price (ATL) and just wait for some time, to recover their pricing.
Best Altcoins to invest in
But, let’s figure out what some Best Altcoins to invest in!
– Tron
– Ada
Ethereum Classic
– Dash
How to make a decision on which Best Altcoins to invest in?
The decision on which Altcoins to invest in is a bit difficult task. As told earlier, the prediction is a tad too difficult task, on which Altcoins price will shoot up and will make you rich (if that would have the scenario, I would have already implemented it on my own!). But, still considering various aspects while purchasing the Altcoins for the long term, we can do our best to get some good Altcoins for our future (as I did it when I bought some Altcoins for long-term!). Let’s, see those points:
Check out the ATH while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
Checking out the All-time High will lead you to get an analysis where the Altcoins price is at this moment of time. ATH gives you an insight into what future prospects are regarding the price to go to the moon.
Check out its ATL while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
Checking out the ATL, i.e. the All-time Low Altcoins price will allow you to get yourself with some good number of Altcoins at the lower price and accumulate them for the future.
Check out the Historical trends while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
The historical trend will allow you in judging the movement of the Altcoins price and will give you an idea of its resistance and its support. If you are a technical expert and are expert in TA (Trend analysis), it will help you in reading charts for the shorter duration and still, you may get an idea on your near gains.
Check out any upcoming events in the future while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
The events are the aspect, which creates buzz around in the Cryptocurrency market. The FOMO and FUD are the market movers and decide the gains and loss in the short duration game of Crypto. However, the long-term holders of Altcoins need not worry about those FUD and FOMO. The events are the deciding aspects, in taking the price further up and down, thus collect all those events data related to the Altcoins to invest in.
Check out fork events while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
The hard-fork and soft fork are two events, which are critical in the price movement of the Altcoins; you must gather all relevant information on the forking of the Altcoins (if any) in the future.
Check out future potential while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
If you consider Altcoins, these are developed as an alternative to Bitcoin. While some Altcoins are based on the same working model of Bitcoin, there are many which have their own concept and have the huge potential in the future. Just like Ripple, which is perfectly suited for the baking purpose, is an example. Collect the potential of Altcoins, and where can they get implemented in the future, as it’s the potential of the Altcoins, which will decide the Altcoins price.
Check out how active is its promoters while choosing Best Altcoins to invest in
The better is the promotion; the more is the knowledge and awareness spread among the crypto lovers. Also, the zeal of the promoters and founders members and the community of Altcoins decide how successful can an Altcoins be. Take for an example of Justin Sun (Founder of Tron); he is so active in making his Tron work in the crypto market; even the Tron has shown the price decline of around 70% from a high of 1687 satoshis to around 300 at this moment. But still, seeing the zeal and passion along with his activeness, the Tron has immense potential to come back to its ATH.
By the time, you start collecting all these valuable considerations for picking up the Altcoins, while in the quest for which Altcoins to invest in, we will also gather resources to better educate you on best Altcoins to invest in, with the potential returns, in upcoming articles. Always remember that the more is the knowledge, the better will be your decision making in picking up the best Altcoins to invest in!

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