Cryptocurrency Coin

A Cryptocurrency Coin is just like something, which is based on the model and code of Bitcoin. The Coins like Litecoin, Ethereum etc are the Cryptocurrency coins, which are founded based on the code of Bitcoin and thus be regarded as the Cryptocurrency Coins, These Cryptocurrency Coins have their own Blockchain and exhibits several properties like Portability, Uniformity, Durability, Limited supply in most cases, acceptability as a medium of exchange, etc.

When we talk deeply, we will find out that Cryptocurrency is divided into Altcoins and Tokens. These Altcoins are all the Cryptocurrency coins that are alternative to Bitcoin.  These Altcoins are either Bitcoin derived Blockchain (e.g. litecoin, dogecoin etc) or are native Blockchain (e.g. Ethereum, ripple etc). The Altcoins that are native Blockchain coins have their own Blockchain and protocol that offers the needed support to their currency. The examples as mentioned above are Ethereum, Ripple, NEO etc.

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