Cryptocurrency Uses

Cryptocurrencies Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple etc are increasingly growing in popularity over the years. The days, when no one knew the name of these coins, are more or less familiar. Many people, who weren’t literate on Cryptocurrency Coins are found to be the investors in many Cryptocurrency coins.

But, still many of the people, still might be thinking, Who Uses Cryptocurrency? Since, they are not the physical money and can never be felt by hand, what is the actual use of the Cryptocurrency coins and how they can be used to bring in a revolution in the present currency system?

As per the study, the number of merchants has risen to more than 1 lac, which accepts Bitcoin and other such Cryptocurrency coins as the mode of payment, and this number is not stopping any day.

Here are some cases, where the Cryptocurrency coins are used for:

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – For Traveling Purpose

The number of travel agencies and big names in the list is adding up which are accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency coins as a mode of payment. The websites like Airtreks, More Stamps Global are some of the names, which accept Cryptocurrency coins as the mode of payment. In a study, the More Stamps Global claims to accept nearly 40 Altcoins as their mode of payment. The number of travel websites is on the rise, which is accepting the Cryptocurrency coins as their mode of payment.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – For Education

There is no dearth of universities and educational institutes all over the world, which accepts the Cryptocurrency coins. The number has risen to a more significant number in the past few months with the universities like Financia Business School in Paris, which accepts Bitcoin as the tuition fee mode of payment.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – For Online Purchases

There are several online retail stores which are growing in number that accepts Cryptocurrency Coins like Bitcoin etc. The major name in the list is which allows the buyers to make a purchase using the Bitcoin

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – For Domain and Internet services

The websites, like Namecheap, offers the internet service interested parties to pay in Bitcoin. There are many more names in the digital marketing field, which accepts the Bitcoin as the mode of payment.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – For Buying VPN Services

There are several VPN Services providers, which has taken a step ahead towards the future and starts accepting the Cryptocurrency coins as the payment methods. The VPN Service Providers like NordVPN and CyberGhost are some of the famous names in the list, which offers the users to pay the money for their products and services with the Cryptocurrency Coins.

Who Uses Cryptocurrency – Betting Purpose

If you are fond of betting, you can do it through Bitcoin at websites like bet365. The Online betting companies are no further behind in accepting Bitcoin as the mode of payment and thus offering people with additional payment mode.


The list of small and big companies, which accepts Bitcoin and other coins, as the mode of payment is long enough. There are hundreds which are accepting the Cryptocurrencies as the payment mode. However, there are some which have followed the negative course, like Fiverr, Expedia, which aren’t now accepting Bitcoin as the payment mode. While the list keeps on changing with some good numbers getting adding up, some are looking to drop it.

Moreover, in the countries like the USA and other such, you will find several small eateries accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency coins as the payment mode, which in its own a very promising sign.

Big Companies planning to accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency coins payments. Among those big names, some of the few are motioned below:

  • McDonald’s
  • Wal-Mart
  • British Airways
  • Starbucks Corporation
  • Amazon
  • Nostrum
  • Asos
  • AT&T
  • Grab
  • Uber
  • Google
  • com

The world Cryptocurrency has been created to long last and seeing the good potentials, like what has been seen in the Cryptocurrency Coins like Ripple, which is more focused towards the banking system, the Cryptocurrency coins will surely be an inseparable part of the future working. The Bright days of Cryptocurrency Coins are ahead! So, if someone must be really thinking ‘Who Uses Cryptocurrency?’, perhaps you got your answer!

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