With all other Cryptocurrency Coins geared towards the individual needs, this ripple has diverted its attention towards banking system and proving to be the Best Bitcoin Alternatives 2019 – Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin. Ripple is far and more reliable Cryptocurrency, which has enough backing from banking systems and even several banking agencies all over the world has adopted its technology as their functioning and many others are thinking to adopt it. Launched in 2012, this ripple or XRP, has the ability to offer instant, secure cross border payment systems with minimum costs and more transparency. Considered as the most scalable digital asset and an  important Bitcoin Alternatives in 2019 amongst all Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin, it has several other important features, which no other coins have. In terms of market cap, it finds its place at 3rd position, with the overall market cap of $17,950,120,492. Currently it is trading at $0.45 per coin.

Rashid Hassan

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