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What are GTA Online Super Yacht Missions?

The GTA Online Super Yacht Missions are the series of 6 missions which were added during Los Santos Summer Special update at Grand Theft Auto Online on 11th August 2020.

Being offered by the captain of the player’s Galaxy Super Yacht, Brendan Darcy, these missions is focused on assisting Captain Brendan Darcy in various duties. The duties like assisting wealthy clients, collecting undersea cargo and retrieving stolen property are just some of the tasks which the players are supposed to handle in order to assist Brendan Darcy.

List of Super Yacht Missions at GTA Online

Check out the full list of Super Yacht missions at GTA Online.

GTA Online Superyacht Life – Overboard

One of the 6 GTA Online Super Yacht Missions ‘Overboard’ can be completed ‘SOLO’. The Overboard mission requires eliminating joyriders, collecting paperwork and destroying a few boats. With not much difficulty level, the GTA Online Superyacht Life- Overboard may prove to be an easier task for the GTA Players to complete.

GTA Online Superyacht Life – Salvage

GTA Online Superyacht Life – Salvage, another GTA Online Super Yacht Mission is somewhat elaborate mission to complete for GTA Players. This particular Super Yacht mission requires the Grand Theft Auto Online Players to accomplish lots of tasks in the mission.

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The task like salvaging lost cargo and then freeing up the Captain and Bartender from captivity of hijackers is just one of the task which features at Salvage. Also, the GTA Online players will discover that the Yacht has been hijacked by the Kkangpae and they need to eliminate the hijackers when the players return to the yacht.

GTA Online Superyacht Life – All Hands

GTA Online Superyacht Life – Icebreaker

GTA Online Superyacht Life – Bon Voyage

GTA Online Superyacht Life – D-Day

Above is the List of 6 Super Yacht Missions at GTA Online. These GTA Online 6 Super Yacht Missions offer moderate payout and upon completing all of these Grand Theft Auto Online 6 Super Yacht Missions, GTA Players will be rewarded with a Captain’s outfit.

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