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The whole world is going nuts over the PUBG Mobile Game app. One of the top classes Mobile Game ‘PUBG’ Mobile app is a new love for the internet mobile game lovers. It is the latest sensation among the mobile game lovers and perhaps, it’s the time to find out if the love showered on the PUBG Mobile Game, is well deserving or not!

What is PUBG App?

For the unknown, the PUBG stands for the ‘Player Unknown Battlegrounds’. Stared off last year on the steam platform, the PUBG Mobile Game App left that platform and begun its journey independently on the mobile platform, where we have been experiencing for quite some times, now. The PUBG is thus a multiplayer online game, developed and published by the PUBG Corporation.

What PUBG Mobile Game App is all about?

The PUBG Mobile Game is all about the story, where you are a mercenary, and who landed onto the island along with 99 other players. Just after the landing, the real race begins where the players start their hunt for the weapons, armor, ammunition and other supplies in a battle better be called as the last man standing death match. There are lots of features within the game, which makes the whole environment interesting; like towards the start of the battle, you are into the large map, but with the shrinking of the map due to the electrical storm. This allows the players to come close to the other 99 players in quick time, forcing them in getting into the real war against each other.

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Platforms of PUBG game

Talking about the PUBG Game, the platforms were the game can be played are as below:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • iOS
  • PlayStation 4

Legacy of the PUBG Game

Such is the craze of the PUBG Game, that it has become one of the top selling games of all time in such a short time. With over fifty million sold across all platforms by the month of June 2018, the PUBG Game has performed exceptionally splendid. Also, the Windows version holds a peak concurrent player count of over three million on Steam, which is a record all-time high on the platform.

Reception of the PUBG Mobile Game App

Regarding the reception of the game in regard to the big gaming review websites, you will find this screenshot very helpful:

PUBG Mobile Game App

Reviews on the PUBG App on Android and iOS

At the time of writing this article, the PUBG Mobile Game App has collected over 73,97,277 reviews, accounting to the overall star ratings of 4.5 on the Playstore. Here you can download the PUBG Mobile Game App at Android Playstore.

Developer: Level Infinite
Price: Free

While, when we talk about the IOS App Store, the PUBG Mobile Game App has collected the reviews counting to 2,45,000 with the overall ratings of 4.5 and currently ranked at 2nd spot in the category of strategy gaming. Here is the link to the PUBG Mobile Game App at IOS App Store.

When it comes to the actual reviewing of any Game, What I believe is that till the time the gamers love it, everything is going fine and there’s no need to review any such famous game. Till the time, any other game comes in the market, giving PUBG, tough times, enjoy it until that. The overall ratings of 4.5 stars at both the platforms are clear indications that the game is being loved by the gamers across the globe.

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