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PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes June 2021

Check out the list of PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes in June 2021 as mentioned below:

70JV82IAO2IKA – Get a random gun skin

38S1M3V2OAJBX – Get a random legendary outfit

PQS5OQIYZJ7VW – Get an M416 skin

RZGI9QSPW14SA – Get a common pants

FRDZHKPGVI7TD – Get a random dress

JS4JA9ATH1I3X – Get a random epic outfit

VXELNX5N59X2F – Get a random gun skin

FGHCLXX1HKL1E – Get a desert eagle skin

8J33V1Q924Y7D – Get a gun skin (Random)

OECXK51W8E2BH – Get a dress (Random)

WEHCWX1VVDXQS – Get a UMP 45 skin

OFI81FLFF5NP0 – Get a random reward

VAPR96C2LP117 – Get a motorcycle skin

3OT2SZ8GPS850 – Get a character voucher

QRHAEIGRDTVRN – Get a common shirt

76B1WYJW6CW84 – Get a random (Anything)

4K4V3DNL54CAL – Get a random reward

51SHK8EFUFZYN – Get a premium crate

5BI22QFFUR4QO – Get a UAZ vehicle skin

JSXKTZDGGAXE5 – Get a limited time random Outfit

59BSZ9W3B8QEI – Get a random (Anything)

GDQ0AXOK7NRHB – Get a character voucher

3UQP5Q8A50AQ2 – Get a pistol skin (Random)

D6FTBTJ3MI4F9 – Get a crate coupon (Random Amount)

0HQUPAJ5KDNJS – Get a Mini 14 skin (Limited/Permanent)

UEJ8HBPD47BYR – Get a random reward (Limited Time)

XIE24HEAN8OYG – Get a crate coupon (Random Amount)

TESGSU0DTFYF1 – Get a random vehicle skin

KXCF8O8S370E4 – Get a UMP 45 skin


ZZSV6JW5ZM3GQ – Get a random amount of BP

QB8K57DAX78PF – Get an epic dress

XG0QLU9OHTXPZ – Get a vehicle skin

Y906HCEM5NVP3 – Get crate coupons

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GUL57KM7WJA9W – Get a vehicle skin

09QXY6S2WNBOB – Get 2,000 BP

Free UC in PUBG

Are you looking for free UC in PUBG? Surely, you must be looking for UC in PUBG (Who doesn’t look for free UC?). Below is the list of codes you can use to get free UC in PUBG.

Y626QWNGNQBK1 – 700 UC + 70 UC

DRYX6C6W32IS9 – 600 UC + 60 UC


3O09A2J7OYQQR – 400 UC + 40 UC

H6NF8XDM3TW15 – 200 UC + 20 UC

WZB7UQYRH57Z9 – 100 UC + 10 UC

SQN1I2CI23RK9 – 150 UC + 15 UC

Z6MV7XTNQYCG7 – 300 UC + 30 UC

UQ6YE846BBBRL – 700 UC + 70 UC


YIHV6NC7BO8DL – 600 UC + 60 UC

R25J3AEE3K0IH – 800 UC + 80 UC


84OETJ5XUIJ14 – 400 UC + 40 UC

BPSGS4IZ2463O – 450 UC + 45 UC

C0N65PAUOYVTJ – 700 UC + 70 UC

TUBBAUQ9KW5UA – 800 UC + 80 UC

AHP0KXZP0Z58T – 300 UC + 30 UC

E9FZOW86AWZ8L – 550 UC + 55 UC

E0370ZT2I2VC0 – 400 UC + 40 UC

Way to Redeem PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes in June 2021

The simple and easy way to redeem PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes for June 2021 is through the redemption center.

Check out the steps as mentioned below to redeem PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes in June 2021:

You need to visit PUBG redemption Center:

Complete the details like character id, PUBG redeem code (you can copy and paste it from our list as mentioned above), and the verification code.

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Click on ‘redeem’ button and you will be rewarded with the mentioned feature to enjoy your PUBG Game.

You need to visit PUBG Mail box to collect PUBG Redeem Rewards and enjoy your favorite PUBG mobile Game.

What is PUBG Mail box?

PUBG Mail box is a feature at PUBG where the PUBG Redeem Rewards are available and players can collect their PUBG Rewards. The PUBG Mail box is the destination for PUBG related messages, Gifts, Rewards and more. Without accessing PUBG Mail box, you cannot have PUBG Redeem Rewards after you redeem your PUBG Rewards.

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