Basics of Investing – Common Mistakes to Avoid with SIPs

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We discussed a lot towards what are the investment options for the people, and how can we cut short their unnecessary costs, to reduce the burden of ever-increasing daily expenses, in our previous articles.

We also dealt with the Mutual Funds, and how to invest in it in our previous articles. You can find one of the articles here!

Today, in our Guide to the basics of investing, we will focus on common mistakes we commit and how to avoid them with SIPs. In our Investment guide, we have been at our best to educate people on opting for the best ways to save every single penny which can multiply to 100 time4s in the future. Today, our focus will be the same.

If you are opting to invest your hard earned money in mutual funds, one of the high ROI delivering ways and also a safer investment alternative, there are several ways in doing so, among which one is the SIP.

Mutual-Funds Basics of Investing

What is SIP?

A SIP or systematic investment plan is the safe way of investing in the Mutual Funds. However, still, a lot of considerations must be taken care of in choosing the Right SIP to meet your financial goals. It has been seen that people tend to make mistakes while investing in Mutual Funds through SIP and this may occur due to the lack of sufficient knowledge. Thus, here’s the quick guide on what the common mistakes to avoid while opting for the Mutual Fund through SIPs:

Investment Amount

While, it has been seen that people just to test the waters, opt to invest a very little amount in their SIPs. While, the step can be best in regard to beginners testing how to invest in Mutual Funds through SIPs, but to get a noticeable gain, the higher investment is required. Also, many people are seen investing quite heavily before proper knowledge and get stuck in. Thus, the better choice of the most suitable investment amount must be considered. Make sure that you are starting with the low amount, but gradually you increase it to gain sufficient returns.

Investing for the Shorter Duration

We also noticed, especially among several people, that we want to become rich fortnight. We are looking to invest the money and get the return, the very next day. We need to understand the basics of SIPs. While the returns may be very high in the long term, we need to make a habit of wait and watch. Staying in the SIP for the longer tenure will be the better decision.

Not increasing or boosting the SIP Amount

If you are gaining a substantial amount from somewhere, you can use the lump sum towards the payment in your SIPs and make an adequate amount in your SIP. You need to remember that more is the investment the more will be the returns. Thus, make sure that gradually you should increase the SIP Amount towards your investment and this constitutes one of the prominent basics of investing.

Not Choosing the Right Funds

There are numerous Mutual Funds available in the market. Each classification of the mutual funds is further subdivided into the inner categories of the investment and this is what the Mutual Funds are. If we list down the Mutual Funds, we will need perhaps 2 articles to write down all of them.


However, not going towards the direction for now at least, we should remember that different mutual funds suit different needs and we just can’t opt for any mutual funds and invest in it. We need to analyze the goals and our requirements and decide accordingly on what Mutual Funds will suit us the best. Investing in wrong Funds through SIPs will not give enough return at the time, we want. Thus, choosing the right funds is what constitutes the whole basics of investing in Mutual Funds through SIPs.

While you are evaluating the Investment ideas, you must keep a fact in mind that it’s your financial goal, which plays a crucial role in how successful we are towards our investment. Go through the basics of Investment types and then make a decision on your investment.

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