Investment Schemes – Real Estate/FD/PPF/MFs/Cryptocurrency

Investment Schemes

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As there is no dearth of options in front of the people for the Investment Schemes, let’s evaluate the various investment options available with the people, especially with the people of India.

Real Estate

Let’s accept the fact, that the real estate has been the most favorite investment schemes for millions in the country. There is a large percentage of people who consider it as the best investment option. Thus, whenever they are left with some money, they consider buying a plot or a flat with the available money. Being considered as the safest options among all others, the choice of theirs is even not wrong. When it comes to the safe investment, the real Estate is highly reliable investment schemes, which has the capability to come with a good return in medium to long-term and also is considered as safe in most cases. The real estate investment has been the choice for many citizens in the country, especially with the older generation and conservative class.

Fixed Deposit

Another favorite option for the Indians, the Fixed Deposit schemes, offers them a surety with the money and thus, there’s no risk at all when it concerns with the Fixed Deposit. The fixed deposit returns with the fixed rate of interest and thus a person is utter sure on how much he/she is going to get back after a certain period of time. Not a bad option at all, but for the people who are looking for the better returns, the fixed deposit scheme is not for them.

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Investment Schemes Options


There have been some sections of the society, who invest their money in the PPF Scheme. There would have been almost no older generation citizen, who hasn’t invested their money in the PPF. But, since there’s a limitation attached with the PPF Schemes when it comes to the maximum amount, you can put in, the PPF option is not for all.

Mutual Funds

Younger generations are looking towards the better investment schemes. The Mutual Funds is just of them; the mutual funds is just a way of dealing with the stocks and shares as is considered as a safer way to the investment in shares etc. The Mutual Funds have gained a good exposure over last few years and the better curiosity and more widespread knowledge in educating people towards the Mutual Funds, the Mutual Funds are fast becoming the favorites among the younger generation class and they are looking to invest their money in the mutual funds. There are several ways of investing in the Mutual Funds, with the SIP and STP among the prime methods.


Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the crowd’s favorite especially for the very young generation and especially for those who are risk takers. Since the risk associated with the Cryptocurrency is very high, the returns are equally mouthwatering. The Cryptocurrency has been the quickest method of turning someone richer overnight. Thus, for those who are risk takers, and love to take risk the Cryptocurrency is the favorite.

But, when it comes to the investment, are the Cryptocurrency equally worthy to discuss here. What we can conclude that the Cryptocurrency future is uncertain and amidst this uncertainty, if someone dare enough to risk the money, Cryptocurrency is never a bad option. Considering the pace with which the Cryptocurrency is growing and several companies are exploring the usability of the Cryptocurrency, the future of the Cryptocurrency can be bright; but there is no surety at all. However, with the very high returns and beyond your imaginations, the Cryptocurrency is the Best ROI schemes, in this list, which you can surely explore if you are a lover of truth and dare type of games.

Final Verdict

For Risk Takers: Cryptocurrency is the Best Choice


For Moderate Risk Takers: Investing in Mutual Funds will be a Better Idea

For Safe Players: Buy Real Estate

FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME: Diversified investment in all of the Schemes.

Evaluating Several Benefits and Downsides over your investment and depending on the investment amount, you can even diversify your investments to various sectors, like some in real estate, some in mutual funds and some in Cryptocurrency. Investing in all of the sectors, can assure of the timely returns and also assure of the safe investment. Better not to lose all of the money.

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