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Thousands of businesses use TikTok for Business accounts. They are public profiles that allow brands to create an effective marketing strategy (Martín, 2020). This is thanks to TikTok offering performance metrics, audience data, and creative tools.

Here are the benefits of using TikTok for business. And, if you want to start creating content on the platform, we offer you some tips that will be very useful to you.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile application from the category of social networks to create and share entertaining videos. These can be short (3 to 15 seconds) or long (30 to 60 seconds). But, obviously, when using TikTok for companies, the production of these must be much more careful.

The essence of this platform is known as user-generated content. That is, the content is generated by the users themselves, even when using TikTok for companies at a promotional level. Those who create videos and who are successful are called “TikTokers.”

The app uses artificial intelligence to show you the content of interest, so there is no need to follow other users. Also, its most famous functionality is lip-synced. This allows you to synchronize the movement of lips with the track of a song, a joke, or other content.

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The most popular on the platform are challenges, reaction videos, cringe, and dubbing. There are many types of content for social networks, but almost all of TikTok is for entertainment. Even so, there are channels and information resources. There is even a section called “TikTok for Good” that inspires young people to support a charitable cause (Natale, 2020).

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Why use TikTok for business?

On the one hand, because it is becoming more and more useful for brands. Did you know, for example, that you can put a link in your bio to drive traffic to your company’s website? And on the other, through TikTok Ads, you can set up advertisements. You can even incorporate a buy button in the videos, something that is already done in other social networks.

TikTok’s niche market is mostly young people between 16 and 24 years old, the generation that will have the greatest purchasing power and investment in the coming decades. In addition, the engagement of the publications on TikTok is high, and they are not yet saturated with advertising, nor do they have many registered companies, so the competition is low (Natale, 2020).

How to get the most out of TikTok for business

Without a doubt, it is very useful to develop marketing strategies on TikTok for large, medium, and small companies, with audiences of different ages and different countries. Whatever your business, analyze if your potential customers use TikTok and register an account (Natale, 2020). Then, follow these tips to best manage your TikTok for business :

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Optimize your brand profile

Take care of the home of your TikTok for companies. Add a suitable image to what you want to communicate. In addition, design an attractive biography with your own hashtag and include the link to the brand’s website and other social networks (Natale, 2020).

Have a content marketing strategy

Focus on creative and fun content, depending on the message you want to give. You can upload videos showcasing your workplace and introducing your team or create tutorials on how to use your products. You can also design a challenge or execute an influencer marketing strategy with a TikTok that has an audience similar to yours.

Create an editorial calendar with the content you are going to upload and update it periodically so as not to stop publishing. Decide how often you are going to do it and make a list with recording and publication dates (Martín, 2020).

Remember that you must get people to engage with your brand. How? The best way is to generate their own content related to what you offer. Also, keep in mind that, although aesthetics (good editing, lighting, etc.) are important on other networks such as Instagram or YouTube, the TikTok audience values fun and authenticity (Natale, 2020).

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Use hashtags in your TikTok for businesses

These help you discover an audience interested in a certain topic. Create your own hashtag that identifies your brand and discover others positioned on topics related to you, for example, in the “Discover” and “Trending” sections. Join, through them, challenges that are fashionable in your sector. This way, you will gain many more audiences (Natale, 2020)

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It can help you a lot to get good sales results. In TikTok, for companies, you have five formats for ads that are configured with TikTok Ads (Martín, 2020).

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Measure the engagement of your content

So you can make decisions that allow you to improve the content. By having your account configured as a Pro, you have the option to access analytics about your profile, community, content, etc. In the statistics option, you will find the views of your videos, the evolution of your followers, and your most successful content (Martín, 2020; Natale, 2020). Dare to put these tips into practice to make yourself known among very diverse audiences and discover trends. If you become a TikTok pro, you will have specialized resources to take advantage of your profile and create effective content strategies.

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