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A Canon printer is very easy to IJ Start Canon Setup. Moreover, even if you lack technical expertise, you can still figure it out. However, users sometimes have difficulty in finding a reliable website to download software. Using IJ.Start.Cannon is an option. On the website https //ij.start.cannon you can download the  software and Canon printer drivers you need to configure the printer both wirelessly and with wired devices. The following procedure  will guide you through the setup and installation of your Canon printer.

Canon is a key player in the printing industry and a well-known manufacturer of other technology items. In addition, many people’s personal and professional lives are now  heavily dependent on their printers. Industrial printers and  digital scanners of various sizes are easily accessible. Pages also print quickly and with excellent print quality. In addition to the printer, you also need the latest Canon printer driver or software, as both new and old Canon printers require installation to function properly. Of course, get the  latest and most relevant version. 

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Follow these installation instructions if you are using the IJ Start Canon Setup printer for the first time. Although the  installation process for https //ij.start.cannon may vary, the installation process for each Canon model is generally the same. Let’s start by configuring your  Canon printer model: 

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Before removing the printer from the box, remove the packaging from the box or open the package. To protect your safety, the printer hardware is packaged in a variety of ways. Now carefully remove all plastic and thread. Before placing the printer on it, make sure the surface is clean. Also place it near your partner’s device  (computer or laptop).  Check the components supplied with the inkjet printer. For example, organize a Mac and Windows CD,  power cord, toner cartridge, and manual. To start installing the Canon printer, connect the  other end of the power cable to the power switch and the other end to the printer’s power cord on the back. Then, press the ON button to turn on and power the printer.  Remove the paper tray and close the cover when you detect steady light.  Slide the paper guides after installing the smooth ink tubes and  cartridges.  Make sure everything is in  place before inserting the  premium white sheets. Canon printer setup is  complete. To go ahead and download the latest printer driver, visit ij Start Canon.

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IJ Start Canon Installation Guide 

Go to for IJ Start the Canon Setup printer on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch Canon Setup. With the installation, printing your files is simple. Here are the steps to install a Canon printer: 

If your computer doesn’t have a CD-ROM, download the setup online.  Start your browser and navigate to  Here, click on SETTINGS. then send the printer model number.  Otherwise, click the FIRST LETS before entering the first two letters.  When you find the printer model you want on the screen, scroll down and click on it. Then select the CONFIGURE XXXX tab.  Your printer brand and model  listed here is XXXX. Select the printer’s region or  location from 

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To determine if the operating system is selected, see the SELECT DEVICE page.  If an operating system, such as Windows, has not been selected, choose from the list provided. Clicking the SETUP button will take you to the download page.  Click DOWNLOAD to start downloading the Canon iJ setup. Once the file has finished downloading, double-click it to start the installation.

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