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If your business doesn’t have a video marketing campaign, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Videos convert viewers into customers better than any other content type.

Video acts as a universal language and is easier to digest than long-form text or images. It also enables businesses to connect with customers on a human level that words cannot replicate.

As engaging as these images are, a video would blow them out of the water. Let’s see why. 

What Is Video Marketing?

When you think of video marketing, what comes to mind? 

Are you thinking of a commercial on TV, or an advertisement on YouTube? If so, you’re right to do so. 

Traditionally we think of video marketing as what we see on TV but times have changed.

Videos are a great way to promote your business as an introduction on social media like Facebook or Instagram and also used as a way to promote your business on your website.

But why is brand awareness so important? 

Well, let me tell you: Brand awareness helps people remember who you are and what services/products your business provides. 

This makes it easier for them when they want something specific because they know where they can get it (that’s right…you.) Pretty cool right?

Learn How Video Marketing Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

Video marketing is a great way to capture attention, build trust and communicate more effectively. 

It’s also an excellent method for building brand awareness, improving brand image, and accelerating the growth of your business.

A video that does its job well should be interesting enough to pull viewers into your story before they even realize what they’re doing: watching a sales pitch or being sold on something else entirely! 

Universities and colleges are masters at this. 

This video shows you what it’s like to be a student, without actually saying anything about it. 

People who watch this video are more likely to read the text on the page, click on links, and engage with the overall university website to learn more.

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Within 10 seconds, you can have a new student ready to apply. 

Boosts sales

Video marketing sells.

It is one of the most effective ways for your brand to make an impact. 

It can help you sell more products, convert leads into sales, get traffic to your website and build trust with customers. 

You can directly push your product, or indirectly do so. 

It can be used for just about anything: from explaining your product or service to selling it with a demo video, or even just showing them what your company culture is like.

Take McLaren’s homepage as an example.

The orange F-1 racing hat? The jersey? The hoodie? 

These products are being sold indirectly with the help of video.

There’s no price tag or shopping cart present, but the supercar and excitement of racing makes you want to find, and buy their merch. 

People spend hours per day watching online videos. 

Take advantage of this. 

With TikTok, Youtube and Instagram being where most people spend their time, effective digital marketing strategy needs to post across these platforms.  

Builds trust

With so many businesses & products being sold solely online, why would you buy from someone without videos? 

Videos are the best way for businesses to build trust and credibility with their customers by showcasing what they offer. 

Not only will this help you attract new customers, but it also allows existing ones to feel more confident about working with you. 

Video can be a great way for businesses to show off what they do best—and that can go a long way towards building trust with potential clients.

Creates customer loyalty & community

Video marketing helps build trust with consumers. 

You can use video to show how your product or service works and how to become a community. 

If you do this right, your community will sell your product or service for you. 

One of the best examples of this is from Harley Davidson. 

If you’ve seen a group of motorcycles driving together on the freeway, chances are they are Harley Group Owner members. 

A majority of people don’t know what HOG is. Well the Harley Davidson website will show you. 

Improves brand image

While it’s important to show the value of your product or service, video marketing is also a great way to improve your brand image. 

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How does it do that? Well, for one thing video can be used as a tool to show off the personality of your business. 

A customer might not know all about what you do or who you are when they see you online—but after seeing this video on YouTube and clicking through to all of your other social channels—they’ll get an idea of whether they want to keep using your services!

This gives potential clients a sense of what kind of experience they may have if working with us instead of just being told about our culture through text alone.

This is mostly commonly seen with influencer marketing. 

The influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $15 billion this year, up from $13.8 billion in 2021 according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

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Communicates more effectively

Video marketing can communicate your message in a way that no other medium can.

Why write about something when you can show someone something. 

The reason why video works so well when it comes to building trust is because people are able to see right into the heart of everything through the lens of your camera. 

You may have noticed that we chose some very specific words here: “lens” and “camera.” 

These two words are important because they remind us that video gives us another dimension of access into what makes up our world; just like how our eyes allow us access into three dimensions (length, breadth, height), cameras give us access into four dimensions (audio/video). 

This gives viewers an opportunity not only to hear what someone is saying but also see how they say it—and this can make all the difference in whether or not those viewers decide whether or not they want to deal with that person professionally going forward!

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Increases search engine ranking

You can think of video marketing as a two-part process: one that takes place at the moment you’re creating and distributing your videos, and another that happens after they’ve been published.

The first half of video marketing is similar to content marketing in general—you’re trying to create something interesting and engaging enough that people will want to share it with others. 

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With video content, you have an added advantage: the potential for people to link back to your site from the videos themselves. 

This can help boost your search engine ranking, which will increase traffic for free (or at least less than if you had paid for advertising). 

For most “how to” searches, you can get the top spots on Google with a video. 

From a technical SEO perspective, there is a lot that goes into video ranking in search engines. 

You can follow these guidelines for optimizing your video for SERP.

  1. Insert a video transcript
  2. Make sure your thumbnail Image is engaging
  3. Pay attention to the title and description of your video
  4. Add timestamps for different sections
  5. Embed the video you want ranked first on the page
  6. Use relevant video tags matter

Wrapping Up

By now you know video marketing is a creative and effective way to capture attention, build trust and communicate more effectively. 

Video is interactive, responsive, and more human than ever before. People prefer seeing a product in action and connecting with the brand.

Don’t just take my word for it, look around you. 

According to IT security company Cloudfare, TikTok surpasses Google as the most popular site. The most used website in the world ONLY posts video content. 

You only have a short time to capture people’s attention, so you need to make it count. 


Travis Salat

Travis is a content marketing specialist at Price4Limo.com. With a passion for content, marketing, social media, and SEO best practices, he looks to help companies reach their global audiences more effectively.

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By Travis Salat

Travis is a content marketing specialist at Price4Limo.com. With a passion for content, marketing, social media, and SEO best practices, he looks to help companies reach their global audiences more effectively.

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