Online Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping here to Stay, What’s your opinion on this?

August 13, 2020

Today, online grocery shopping might be flourishing because COVID-19 is restricting our interaction in the outdoor world. Pandemic is not the only reason for the growth in popularity of this field. Even before the pandemic, there was a 22% growth in 2019. However, the pandemic pushed up the growth of 5.7% more than 2019 by […]

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influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing and Why Does it Matter

October 13, 2019

How many of you are aware of the importance of the influencers? How many of you are aware of the Influencer Marketing, which can provide a boost to the business of yours? In this competitive era, where the competition is too high, the need is to do something different which your other competitors are doing […]

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ECommerce Startup

8 Ways to make eCommerce Startup stand out

September 24, 2019

The Era has begun! The Era for the eCommerce Startups has already started, and this is the time when we are witnessing lots of startups every day! While, some eCommerce Startups tend to get a hold of their feet in this competitive market, there are many startups which are a failure. The era of eCommerce […]

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shop indian grocery online

6 Best Indian Grocery Store Online List to Explore

September 1, 2019

Heard the name ‘Big Basket’? Heard the name ‘Grofers’? If you have heard these brands, you may know that these are the best names when it comes to the Indian Grocery store online! But are there any other names, which deserve to be mentioned in the list of the Indian Grocery store online? Let’s check […]

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Ecommerce platforms list

10 Ecommerce Platforms List and Market Share

August 15, 2019

The Ecommerce is on the rise and with the pace, the eCommerce has been on the rise, the world will hit new heights in the eCommerce industry every day. Alone in USA, the eCommerce is on the rise at the pace of more than 14%. One has to believe that the future of retail is […]

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Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 1000 INR

August 1, 2019

Bluetooth Speakers have become a must to have accessory in India and with the advancement in technology; these Bluetooth speakers have taken a new shape and have added some great features within them. Bluetooth Speakers are the portable speakers, which add great value to listening music and watching movies, where the inbuilt speakers fails to […]

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Trezor vs Ledger – Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Review

February 9, 2019

You must have gone through our last set of articles where we discussed wallets for storing Bitcoin. In proceeding article, we also covered Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets! While in the article we provided you with some options for the Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets where we covered hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger Nano S, Coolwallet S […]

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The Future of Online Shopping

The Future of Online Shopping – Key Elements

January 7, 2019

The Rising Technology has transformed the facets of society. It has led to the new revolution in the way society is dealing with lots of things, and the shopping is one such. The shopping has gained a new face with the offline now pushing towards the back door and the online shopping taking the front […]

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online shopping

Improve the Online Shopping Experience

December 30, 2018

The online industry is growing at a rapid pace….and why will it not grow, when the benefits are enormous…. And the risks are relatively on the shorter side…. Even as the online industry is catching the offline retail market at a faster pace, there is still a lot of ground to cover…but seeing the potential […]

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Black Friday in Online Shopping Deals

Black Friday Deals for Online Shopping – Details and Insights

December 25, 2018

First Thing First, all those who are reading this Article “Merry Christmas to all of You!“ Recently you must have witnessed a heavy downpour of ads, and deals online! Most of them must have been mentioning the term ‘Black Friday’. Many offers and heavy discounts were being offered to the online shoppers on the Black […]

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Best Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin

4 Bitcoin Hardware Wallets for Storing Crypto Coins

December 22, 2018

The evolution in the Cryptocurrency industry has led to the development of new wallet hardware. Those who are looking to store Bitcoin and all other Cryptocurrency Coins may be searching for various ways to store them safely. And especially,this need becomes more urgent for the ones who bought Bitcoin at the pricing of nearly $17k […]

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Online Shopping trends

Online Shopping Trends & Stats

December 20, 2018

With the rise in Online shopping, the people all over have been a new eye to the shopping without stepping out of their premises. Women find it sadder and more convenient in buying products which otherwise would have been difficult for them. Also, at the same time, they find it more freedom in buying things, […]

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online shopping

9 Safe Online Shopping Tips

December 12, 2018

Are you a shopping addict? Are you fond of shopping online, without caring much on your pocket and to other aspects? What points do you care of, while shopping online, or you are more of a free bird while online shopping? But How to stay safe online shopping? You must have read several headlines, on […]

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Asus Rog Phone Game Changer

November 30, 2018

World’s fastest speed binned snapdragon 845 with optimized Adreno 630 GPU at 2.96GHz 8 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage Price – Rs. 69999     Buy Now at  

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Save Money and Time with Christmas Shopping Online

November 19, 2018

The Christmas bells are ringing and it’s the time, you gear up for the Christmas Shopping Online. If you intend to save time and money and want to offer more time with the family, it’s the time you should switch your shopping destination towards online. What should be your motive in this long Christmas holiday, […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

November 4, 2018

The whole world has been moving towards the Online Shopping with the rapid pace! Isn’t it? Over the past 5 years, the Scope of Online Shopping has reached newer limits and higher limits are expected to touch very soon in upcoming years! With the rise unprecedented in the Online Shopping, we can expect more the […]

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Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

October 20, 2018

The Online retailers have been trying their best efforts to offer the people with the several reasons to come to their platform and get the best deals at their products. But, still, there’s a room for improvement. There’s still the need for Online Shopping Tips and Tricks which the Online Shoppers need to utilize to […]

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Surprising Online Shopping Stats

Surprising Online Shopping Statistics – Part 2

October 12, 2018

Are you ready for the 2nd part of the Surprising Online Shopping Statistics, which we were discussing last time? Check out the 1st Part here! A lot has been discussed on Online Shopping, Online Shopping Websites, and their stats! But, still, there’s a lot to discuss with you for the Online Shopping Statistics. So, let’s […]

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Surprising Online Shopping Statistics

October 2, 2018

We all must have gone through several articles on a regular basis based on Online Shopping! Several Tips, Tricks, Ways to Crack Best Online Shopping Deals, Way to protect yourself from fraud websites and leaking of important financial data, benefits, and risks associated with the Online Shopping etc are some of the most regular basis […]

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Online Shopping websites

5 Best Online Shopping Websites List to Explore all around the World

September 12, 2018

Today, most of the people are indulged in online shopping in one or any other form. The craze of the Online Shopping has been on the rise and the population of the people opting for the online Shopping has been on a consistent rise. People have been looking for the Best Online Shopping Websites List to […]

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5 Best Online Music Stores

August 18, 2018

You must have already heard the names, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, sorts of websites, which are famous in India! How many of you are aware of other online shopping websites which are quire less famous, but still are doing their job very well. While in the previous articles, our focus was on mentioning those some names, […]

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Less Renowned but Innovative Online Shopping Sites in India

July 21, 2018

You must have heard about big players like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Paytm, Snapdeal and other such for your online shopping needs. While, these are the biggest names, which comprises almost all of the sales data in India and even capture most of the sales in Online Shopping Industry, there are many other small names, which […]

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How to Buy Cryptocurrencies in India?

July 19, 2018

Those, who are following the articles as written previously, is surely showing interest in Cryptocurrencies. Who knows, you must be thinking on buying some Cryptocurrencies, but hesitant in doing so, due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance. Here, TechnoMusk offers you a short guide on how to buy Cryptocurrencies in India. Our Focus will […]

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5 Best Game Stores Online

July 5, 2018

The trend for Gaming has risen to multiple times in the entire World, particularly in India. While, China and Japan are the hottest countries for Gaming, several other countries are also catching up the attention for games and this rising trend can be seen in India, too. With the trend for Online Shopping also at […]

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7 Top Discount Coupon Websites for Online Shopping

June 20, 2018

India, being a country, where the focus is towards saving a few bucks every time, a person is carrying out shopping. With the advent and expansion of Online Shopping, the tendency towards savings has gone to an unprecedented peak. While, many online shopping websites have made things easier for Online Shoppers, with the Discounts and […]

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Signs and Ways to Combat Online Shopping Addiction

June 12, 2018

Many of us might take it too funny to accept they have a shopping addiction. But in cases, this thing is not an issue of a joke. For the people who are ‘Shopaholic’, they might be suffering from a technical term ‘Oniomania’. In fact, it’s just another term for ‘Compulsive Buying Disorder’, which is characterized […]

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Tips for Safe Online Shopping – Risks Associated and Solutions

May 26, 2018

Online Shopping is for the convenience of people! Being advantageous, the Online Shopping has emerged as fast progressing favorites among the people in India especially in big cities. The Trend for the Online Shopping can be seen more in bigger cities, where most often residential places are far from the shopping bazaars etc. Finding things […]

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Grofers – Online Grocery Shopping Destination & My Experience

May 14, 2018

Sharing an interesting story of an online grocery store, here, I would like to recommend you towards the Online Grocery Shopping, if you want to avoid all those fuss about pricing and carrying things back to the house. With the eCommerce Industry, rapidly capturing the markets of India, everything seems to come online, these days. […]

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Online Shopping India

How to Crack Best Deal in Online Shopping in India

April 30, 2018

Online Shopping in India has been on a consistent rise in the country and with the smartphones and Internet Data available at cheaper rate with each passing day, the craze for Online Shopping is on the rise. To begin with, we will emphasize various reasons for the rise in Online Shopping and later on, will […]

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What is a Bitcoin – The First Ever Centralized Cryptocurrency in World

April 18, 2018

What is a Bitcoin? Here we are taking our discussion further to the next level with throwing some light on Bitcoin. As I promised to come up with detailed information on Bitcoin, so I am here with “What is Bitcoin”. For many of us, who are tech-savvy must have gone throw this term “Bitcoin” at any […]

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Online shopping

5 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

April 17, 2018

When it comes to the Online Shopping, there are many options available in our Country ‘India’. While, the options may be unlimited, not everyone can be trusted, when it comes to providing personal information and card details. You may risk of leaking your information and may risk of fraudulent activities.  Thus, one has to pay […]

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Top Guide on Cryptocurrency, World of Digital Currency Basics

April 7, 2018

Those who are tech savvy must have heard the term ‘Cryptocurrency’, but still, this term is in a very nascent stage and many people in India and countries belonging to the third world, are ignorant of this particular term and are still unaware of What is Cryptocurrency? Cutting short the mystery, here’s the Top Cryptocurrency Guide; […]

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