8 Ways to make eCommerce Startup stand out

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Last Updated on July 22, 2020 by Rashid Hassan

The Era has begun! The Era for the eCommerce Startups has already started, and this is the time when we are witnessing lots of startups every day! While, some eCommerce Startups tend to get a hold of their feet in this competitive market, there are many startups which are a failure. The era of eCommerce is in fact, pushing more and more players in the eCommerce and this is what making the whole market very competitive.

Thus, in this raining time of eCommerce Startups, if you are thinking to get yourself an eCommerce Startup, you keep lots of things in mind, to make your eCommerce Startup a real success.

But what are those eCommerce Startup strategies, which can really turn an eCommerce Startup in to the successful venture. Let’s find out here on Ways to make eCommerce Startup stand out:

Creating the first impression

It’s not all about the products and services, when it comes to the eCommerce. Even, if you are thinking that you are coming up with the really innovative products and services, those products and services will be exposed to the market, as soon as it comes in the open market. Thus, eCommerce is not all about products and services.

It’s about creating the first impression! That solid and memorable impression! Always try to make the first impression, the last impression, the memorable impression!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#CE1F11″ class=”” size=””]Create the logo, which will be long remembered, create taglines, which can be easily recalled, create your eCommerce startup’s mission and vision; tell the story behind the eCommerce startup.[/perfectpullquote]

Mobile Responsive and not mobile friendly!

Gone are the days for the mobile friendliness! It’s now the age for the mobile first indexing, and the mobile responsiveness. Make your website, the mobile first preferred version. Ensure that the customers get the best experience of your eCommerce startup store at their Smartphones. If you aren’t ware, we would like to inform you that, it’s the time when most traffic comes from the mobile as compared to desktops.

Nearly 60% of traffic comes from mobile, and when it comes to eCommerce, you can expect more!

List items on the move

Is it really worthy to populate your eCommerce startup store with the products, which aren’t worthy at all! Just populating products and consuming the time of customer, isn’t a good idea. Instead, what you can do is to slowly remove the items, which aren’t hotcakes, and which are showing no response at all.

The less, the demanding they are, the far more better it is! Just keep the products, which are best and don’t create unnecessary competition for the best products at your store. Also, by doing this, you will not confuse the customers!

Spread to all social media

Try to reach out to all places, where your customers can be! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and anywhere else, you should be visible to your customers! Who knows which platform can five you the best sales for your products!

Even, a single customer can be worthy to generate more sales in the near future! Thus, be everywhere you can be at Social Media. Also, be an active participant there and remain on toe to respond to your prospects and your existing customers!

Website’s Security

ECommerce Startup

Will anyone take risk of any website, which doesn’t offer them a sense of ultimate security while making payment. Since, yours is an eCommerce startup store and your services and products are ought to be sold online, you need to get installed the best security features at your website to ensure your customers that they are completely safe while making any payment for the purchase!

Shipping and Return Policy

If you are searching for the Ways to make eCommerce Startup stand out and  really thinking to make your ECommerce Startup stand out, try to make sure that you work on the Shipping policies, rates and also work out the return policy thoroughly.

The Shipping Policies and Return Policies are the most important aspects, which play a pivotal role in the eCommerce industry and can be counted as amongst the most important just after the products availability, website appearance and security!

Creating a Content Strategy

ECommerce Startups

Creating the content strategy before you are visible online is a good step to dominate the search engine. The more stable and solid you are on the search engine, the more will be the traffic and better will be the sales. Ensure that the content is compelling enough to bring traffic to your eCommerce startup. Make your PR strong and work on strengthening your PR online to get high exposure in front of customers.

Easy Payment method and more advanced features

Ensure that the payment method is kept simple, and safe! The easier is the payment method, the better it is for the customers. Also, ensure that you are using the advanced features at your eCommerce Startup in order to make sure that your customers are getting something different through your eCommerce Startup, which aren’t available at competitor’s startups.

There are lots of Ways to make eCommerce Startup stand out! The only need of time is to remain firm footed and have a solid insight towards your eCommerce Startup and work towards making it a brand rather than just selling products!

Remain in touch with your customers, with the follow up and ratings and even try to have a conversion if the experience of theirs isn’t good and complement them with discounts and coupons!

Ensure that you are different from your competitors and helpful to your customers, even if takes covering an extra mile, barefooted!

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