Ecommerce Platforms List and Market Share 2019

Ecommerce platforms list

The Ecommerce is on the rise and with the pace, the eCommerce has been on the rise, the world will hit new heights in the eCommerce industry every day. Alone in USA, the eCommerce is on the rise at the pace of more than 14%. One has to believe that the future of retail is obviously the online industry and this saying is well authenticated with the stat as pouring in.

Check out the eCommerce stat on Global platform quickly

While the exact data can’t be compared with the regional ones, as the demand may vary depending on different landscapes, the mood on the global platform is very bullish. Just check out one state that the eCommerce which stood at roughly $1.9 trillion in 2016, it’s going to hit the landslide mark of $4.5 trillion by 2021, more than 2.5 times in just 5 years!

While, we just saw the huge potential of the eCommerce industry and its highs, which is very soon to touch, what are the best Ecommerce platforms in the list, which are currently offering the customers, a much needed kickstart. Let’s check out those Best Ecommerce platforms in the list:

Ecommerce Platforms List

While, the various reports may show you different results in the percentage wise, but the results more or similar states the below in regard to the Ecommerce platforms:

Here’s our Top 10 Picks in the Ecommerce platforms list:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • BigCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • MonsterCommerce
  • WixStores
  • VirtueMart
  • 3d cart

Our Focus won’t be comparing all those Enterprise eCommerce platforms, but only to provide you an insight over what are the Best Enterprise eCommerce platforms and what Ecommerce platforms market share currently stands at.

Ecommerce Platforms Market Share

Check out the Ecommerce platforms market share as per the Chart created and published at builtwith, a Top Technology Lookup website.

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Ecommerce platforms market share


Below is Russia Ecommerce Platforms Market Share in 2019 – BuiltWith

Ecommerce platforms market share


Below is Germany Ecommerce Platforms Market Share in 2019 – BuiltWith


Ecommerce platforms market share


Below is UK Ecommerce Platforms Market Share in 2019 – BuiltWith


Ecommerce platforms market share


Below is Australia Ecommerce Platforms Market Share in 2019 – BuiltWith


Ecommerce platforms market share


When we talk about the platforms in the Ecommerce platforms list, we would find that the WooCommerce rules the world, with quite a big margin. This WordPress Plugin offers an easy functionality and is the top rated Ecommerce platform having the biggest share in Ecommerce platforms market share. Simple to use Plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce offers the ease of functionality to scale the business.


Shopify, which took the 2nd spot from Magento, in the Ecommerce platforms list offers an easy to customize option for the people who are looking for the Great Online Shops with the least hard work. With the user friendly interface, the Shopify is fast capturing the market globally.


At one time, it stood at the 2nd spot (in 2017!), but lost its spot to the Shopify afterwards. This is little complex among all the Ecommerce platforms in the list and thus, perhaps this is the reason that the people are avoiding it, as this Enterprise eCommerce platforms is well suited for the developers but not to the ‘Not-so-tech-savvy’ People.


This Enterprise eCommerce platform, deserve a mention here, as the pace with which this Enterprise eCommerce platforms is rising is unprecedented. The BigCommerce has been growing at the pace of a whopping 600% every year. Isn’t it quite amazing? We hope so!

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PrestaShop and OpenCart

These are some notable Enterprise eCommerce platforms, which make up the majority of Ecommerce platforms market share! However, when we compare both of them, we find PrestaShop having much better themes and more customization options as compared to the OpenCart!

The eCommerce industry is fast changing and it will be no surprise when the rankings as mentioned above will change in no time! The Ecommerce platforms are changing themselves to make themselves a front runner in the Ecommerce platforms list and grab higher Ecommerce platforms market share! Lets see what lies in the future!


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