Surprising Online Shopping Statistics – Part 2

Surprising Online Shopping Stats

Last Updated on July 17, 2020 by Rashid Hassan

Are you ready for the 2nd part of the Surprising Online Shopping Statistics, which we were discussing last time?

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A lot has been discussed on Online Shopping, Online Shopping Websites, and their stats! But, still, there’s a lot to discuss with you for the Online Shopping Statistics. So, let’s quickly move on to the 2nd part of the Online Shopping Statistics.

Surprising Online Shopping Statistics

  • Are you aware of the email users in the world currently? There are in fact, more than 3.7 billion users in the world. You must be thinking, what’s the connection between email users and Online Shopping? In fact, 72% of people’s preference as the mode of communication is the email
  • As per the another Online Shopping Statistics, 91% of the US Citizens want to receive promotional emails
  • The discounts in emails are one of the biggest influencers for online shopping as per the survey on people
  • The Phones are fast becoming the most preferred mode of shopping, as around 54% of the emails are being opened on mobiles, as compared to 30% at webmail and just 16% of desktop
  • It’s the time for the best online shopping websites to optimize for voice search, as around 40% of the millennial have used voice search before deciding to buy online reveals another Online Shopping Statistics
  • A stat revels that the around 20% of the Google searches on Mobile are voice
  • An interesting survey indicates that around 44% (almost just the half) of the retail internet time has been spent through the Smartphone, while the same for desktop is 45%
  • In the year 2017, mobile 500 retailers saw a big rise in their business, with around 69% increase in the visits and more than 3 billion sessions being logged in
  • An interesting future prediction stats that around 69% of the B2B Business expect stopping printing catalog within 5 years
  • As per Nasdaq, around 95% of the purchases will be done online, by the year 2040
  • As per eMarketer, around 59% of the eCommerce sales occurred through mobile
  • While, an interesting stat as offered by Google, stats that around 85% of the people start their purchase on one device and finish it off on the other
  • More than half the people (around 52% of the people) says they are unlikely to engage with the brand having bad mobile experience
  • Multi-channel shoppers are more likely to spend as compared to the single channel shoppers and the number is 3 times
  • The checkout cart abandonment rate percentage is around 70%
  • More than half the online shoppers likely to abandon their check out process, owing to the unexpected costs at the time of check out
  • If Online shopping websites are making its mandatory for the users to register, they must be prepared to lose their customers, as around 23% of the Online Shoppers abandon their online shopping, if they are forced to register at Online shopping websites
  • After organic search, emails are the best source of traffic to Online shopping websites
  • As per the data, around 80% of the Online Shoppers love to receive recommended products based on their previous buying
  • As per the analysis, only 20% of the Online shopping websites are targeting behavioral targeting
  • Around 93% of the companies see their conversion rates uplifted due to personalization
  • It is 7 times, more expensive to gather a new customer as compared to the existing ones
  • In yet another Online Shopping statistics, only 18% of the companies’ focus on customer retention (isn’t it quite shocking!)

Online shopping stats

The Online Shopping Market is progressing at a very rapid pace. It’s the time to harness the immense potential present in the online Shopping world. All, what the Online Shopping Websites need to do is to target their customers very well, consider them an asset and utilize the best ways for the promotion. Stop Beating around the bushes, as it will lead the online shopping websites nowhere.

Also the Online Shopping experience offers a lot to the customers, and the buyers can look towards the most recognized and branded shopping websites for the best-personalized shopping experience!

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