What is Influencer Marketing and Why Does it Matter

influencer marketing

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How many of you are aware of the importance of the influencers? How many of you are aware of the Influencer Marketing, which can provide a boost to the business of yours? In this competitive era, where the competition is too high, the need is to do something different which your other competitors are doing it.

This is the age of the social media and connectivity, and while your business may be new, it will take time to build a trust and brand among the people. But with the help of influencers, you may be an instant eye catchy in front of a large audience in your niche and this is where the influencers play a great role!

Let’s take a complete insight on what is influencer marketing and why does it matter. Know the role of influencer marketing and what are some of the important aspects involved in the Influencer Marketing:

Who are Influencers?

influencer marketing

Influencers are the authority in their niche, who has the large following of people on various platforms like social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other such social media. Their followers are those people who are more likely to trust what influencers believe.

Thus, people are more likely to follow, and opt for the opinions and interest of those influencers, thus offering a chance for the brands to get in connection with those influencers to reach the mass audience and build a trust, in a quicker way!

Who could be Influencers?

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The influencers could be any one of the following:

  • A Blogger
  • A Social Media Celebrity
  • A Social Media Personality
  • Any Brand
  • Any industry Expert
  • Any leader in the niche

How Influencer marketing works?

influencer marketing

As said, the smaller brands and emerging business can utilize the power of Influencers to reach the wide audience in a quick time and thus gain instant boost to the visibility and reach, and thus offering a chance to kick start their sales process. Here are the ways on how Influencer Marketing Works:

  • Influencers can share the post related to the brand or can mention the brand in their own post and thus can offer a chance to the audience of theirs to connect with the brand.
  • Influencers can become a spokesperson for the brand for the agreed duration and thus offering a chance to the boost in their sales
  • Influencers can share their wide opinions, stories and other such in regard to the brands

How Influencer Marketing benefits to the brand?

Influencer Marketing

Getting an instant visibility is almost next to impossible in this current era! Isn’t it! The competition is getting tough each day and this is where the Influencers play an important role. The Influencer Marketing plays an important role in the following ways:

  • Build Brand awareness
  • Provide instant boost to the visibility of the brands
  • Offer a chance for the brands to connect with the audience and followers of their own
  • A chance to improved sales
  • Much better trust of the brand
  • Quality Backlinks
  • A chance to increase the social followers of the brand

Things to keep in mind before selecting the Influencers for your Brand

This may be a little tricky one!

Finding the right match for your brand isn’t an easy task. As there are lots of influencers in the market, among which some have accumulated a lot of genuine followers, there are some people who may be having passive followers. While, the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have allotted the Tick marks, for the big brands and influencers, the tricking to gain such recognition is not that hard!

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Also, the pricing is one aspect, which you may struggle with while in your search for the Influencers for your Brand. Here are some tips to find the Influencers for your Brand:

  • Know your goals
  • Know your exact niche before approaching any Influencers
  • Find the Influencers of your niche
  • Find the influencers of your competitors
  • Mindset on the types of Influencer Campaigns you want to get involved in
  • Analyze the followers or the authority of Influencers
  • Negotiate on the pricing
  • Track down the results of your Influencer Marketing

Types of Influencer Campaigns

Influencer Marketing

Here are the types of Influencer Campaigns, you can opt for:

  • Gifting: You can opt for the Gifting, where you can offer gifts to the influencers in exchange for mentions, posts and other such!
  • Paid Content: The Sponsored Content or paid content is a straight forward process, where you are paying a particular amount to the influencers to share your content!
  • Royalty: You can also get into the agreement over the royalty percentage with the Influencers in return for the mentions, etc
  • Guest Posting: Connect with the influencers to allow you to write for their blog
  • Several Contests and Giveaways: Use the power of Contests and giveaways as an incentive to get influencers in return to mention your brand
  • Influencer takeover: Allowing the Influencers to take over your social media accounts for a set amount to time to promote your brand!
  • Discount Codes: Allow influencers to offer discount codes for your offerings to their followers.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Make influencer your brand’s ambassadors and thus offer them several perks in return for the promotion of your business.

As now you ‘What is Influencer Marketing and why does it matter’, stay with us, as we will very soon update you on the most effective ways to find the Best Influencers for your brand.

We also offer you a list of the Best Websites for Influencers, where you can connect with huge number of Influencers, and can fetch the data of those Influencers, thus offering you an easy and quick way to connect with the influencers!

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