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Airschool is a way to sell course and make money. Its a heaven for the educational course creators who can create easy courses and can make money out of it by selling those courses. Acting just like Shopify, Airschool is an easy way to sell courses. In this Airschool Review article, we will figure out complete details on Airschool, its features and other details.

Airschool Review – What’s this and how can it be useful for us?

Let’s check out the Airschool Review with us.

What is Airschool?

Airschool is among the easiest Course Creation Tools, which is a simple and easy way to launch your async and cohort-based courses from a single place.

How can Airschool be useful for Course Creators?

Airschool is a Shopify like tool for course creators. Those who are looking to create meaningful courses at a single hosted solution, can look forward to the Airschool. The usefulness of Airschool can be judged by the fact that all your courses and entire data related, will be available at a single profile. Airschool handles every aspect, like creation of a website, hosting of videos and other such aspects.

Airschool Features

Let’s check out Airschool features to know more about it. Here are Airschool features, a Shopify like tool for course creators:

  • Free Subdomain
  • Easy setup of live and recorded courses.
  • Zoom Integration
  • Beautiful landing pages
  • A powerful course analytics like attendance tracking, course tracking and others
  • Multiple payment options like bank transfer, Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm and more.
  • Dynamic Dashboard to see all data.
  • No upfront fee.
  • Personalized Email automations.
  • Full Control over your Data,
  • Easy option to export your data anytime.
  • Success manager to help you with course content, copy, pricing and marketing.
  • Sales support to help you with lead conversions.
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Airschool is perhaps, one of the few tools which provides the course creators with an easy, and affordable way to launch their courses. Airschool helps in building a futuristic relationship of course creators with the learners.

Why to Choose Airschool?

Airschool is a simple and easy way to create courses as compared to other existing platforms. While, other course creator platforms are costly, Airschool as they claim is an affordable shopify like tool for course creators. For Pakistan users, the Easypaisa is a local payment method, which allows the Pakistani users to use this platform. At the same time, local payment option (paytm) enables Indian Users to effectively user Airschool.

Airschool can easily allow you to scale your online educational business and with the easy availability of courses creation, the Airschool can also help people to launch their ebooks (currently not a live feature), and also can be provided with the consultation and many more.

This free all in one tool for course creation can really change the education scenario in the world and with all the integrations already taken care of, the course creators have nothing to worry about!

Airschool Login and Signup

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