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If you are looking for a tool that can enhance the PC’s sound quality, you must go with Boom 3D. It is a convenient one in all aspects. You must have seen that many people invest in buying the best-quality Bluetooth speakers and audio devices to get superior sound. But with a Boom 3D, you can experience something new. It is a system that will boost your sound-quality on the PC or the laptop. It is with Boom 3D, you can watch movies with 3D sound quality. It is fascinating for the viewers. Lets check out Boom 3D review to know its features, pricing, FAQs, alternatives and more:

What is Boom 3D?

Boom 3D is a volume booster & equalizer for Mac and Windows that allows you to have an experience of audio in 3D with the best bass, equalizer and volume booster. With Boom 3D, you can enjoy your movies, music and games in cinematic surround sound on your device.

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Best Boom 3D Features

You must be interested to know about the best Boom 3D features. It will give you a better exposure to the subject.

  • The primary Boom 3D feature is that you can experience excellent sound quality of the movies or songs. This will restrict the use of headphones or Bluetooth devices with this tool. This is the best feature for which you can avail of it.
  • You will also experience an updated 31-band equalizer that will provide the option of auto-tuning. On the other hand, Boom 3D for Mac and Windows will also provide you with a preset tuning facility.
  • With Boom 3D, you can individually manage the audio levels with an uninterrupted sound.
  • You can also explore 20,000+ radio stations with Boom 3D.
  • You can also experience a magical sound with Boom 3D, which is excellent.
  • Night Mode
  • The fidelity effect
  • Apps Volume Controller (Only for Mac version)
  • State of the Art Audio Player
  • Boom Volume Booster (Only for Mac version)
  • 31-Band Equalizer
  • The fidelity effect boosts the weaker frequency bands of your audio, increasing the overall quality
  • The pitch effect of Boom 3D allows you to adjust the pitch of the music by 5 semi-tones to match others

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Boom 3D Pricing

Most of us might be excited to learn about the Boom 3D pricing. Let us explore it.

  • Boom 3D price for Mac and Windows are estimated to be about INR 1850. However, a 30-day free trial is provided for Mac and Windows users.
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Boom 3D FAQ’s

Below you will get some of the Boom 3D FAQ’s.

With which types of organizations are Boom 3D flexible to work?

Boom 3D is comfortable working for small businesses, freelance businesses, mid-sized businesses, and Government organizations.

What kind of support can I get from Boom 3D?

You can get ample support from Boom 3D through online mode.

Can I get a free trial from Boom 3D?

Yes if you are using Mac and Windows you can get the chance of 20 days free trial.

Who can take the benefit of using Boom 3D?

People who want to play great content with 3D effect can rely upon using Boom 3D. They will get the chance to experience a high-quality sound effect. This is a good thing.

Is there any use of headphones or Bluetooth if you use Boom 3D?

No, there is no use of application of these devices if you have started using Boom 3D. It is enough to provide you with better sound quality and 3D effects.

What is the starting price of Boom 3D?

It is essential or has an explicit knowledge of the start price of Boom 3D. It starts at a cost of $12.01.

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Boom 3D Alternatives

It is now evident at this point that Boom 3D is commercial software that comes with numerous plans. Each of its plans has specific features. Let us explore some of Boom 3D alternatives as below:

Boom 2

It is one of the best alternatives for Boom 3D that comes with has some great audio equalizers.

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Peace Equalizer

It is another Boom 3D alternative that is designed for Windows and PC’s.

Sound Pimp

Another noted alternative for Boom 3D is Sound Pimp designed to enhance sound quality of the computers. It will help if you have tried it.

TDR Nova

Another good alternative for Boom 3D is TDR Nova. It is suitable for those who are in search of quality music.

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Boom 3D Login and Sign up

You can check out Boom 3D login and sign up at

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