Botpress vs Floatbot

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Compare Botpress VS Floatbot and see what are the differences between them.


Botpress Review

Botpress is an open-source conversational Artificial Intelligence platform that allows you to create chatbots on various channels. You can find more about Botpress at Botpress Review.



Floatbot is a SaaS based conversational artificial intelligence platform offers an easy way to build a no-code unified chatbots/voicebots. You can find more about Floatbot at Floatbot Review.

Botpress Details

Check out Botpress details as below:

  • Start building chatbots in around 38 sec.
  • Option to test and debug chatbot without leaving studio.
  • Self-hosted on-prem: Linux (for Ubuntu, Redhat, and Centos), Mac, Windows
  • Self-hosted PaaS & virtual private clouds – cloud agnostic: AWS, Digital Ocean (one click), Heroku (one click), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Botpress Open-Source (Free of Cost)

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Floatbot Details

Check out Floatbot details as below:

  • 10 Languages with 100+ Dialects
  • Bots build with Floatbot are truly omni-channel
  • Powered with 100000 hours of Voice
  • Speech recognition in vernacular language
  • This SaaS based conversational AI Platform is completely PCI-DSS compliant.

Botptress Videos

Floatbot Videos

Botpress VS Floatbot Conclusion

Based on our Botpress VS Floatbot analysis, we can conclude that Botpress is highly popular. We are also tracking more digital products and are publishing digital products reviews. Remain in touch over various other reviews!

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