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WordPress has grown into the major CMS which can be used to build all forms of websites. The popularity of WordPress is such that 35% of the Web world uses WordPress. Websites like Sony Music and Forbes Blog are just some of the big websites which have been using WordPress. With the WordPress being such a popular CMS, the need of the plugins and other important aspects of WordPress like form builders are some of the major aspects which we can’t ignore. Among such, one CaptainForm Free WordPress Form Builder which will be explored here.

What is CaptainForm?

CaptainForm is a free WordPress Form Builder. Among 29 WordPress form builders as know, the CaptainForm is just one of those 29 form builders. CaptainForm allows users to create and publish any type of form and survey. Thus, CaptainForm allows the users to create amazing WordPress forms.

CaptainForm Features

Let’s check out CaptainForm features, Free WordPress Form Builder as below:

  • Set up fully-featured WordPress forms
  • Set up completely fully loaded surveys
  • CaptainForm allows building web forms within WordPress form plugin dashboard with drag-and-drop
  • More than 30 free form templates
  • Easy data management
  • Advanced security features like SSL encryption, password protection and CAPTCHA.
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CaptainForm Integrations

The CaptainForm integrations are as mentioned below:

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What kind of forms can be built with CaptainForm?

While, the variety of forms can be built with CaptainForm, here are some of the options for forms you can build with CaptainForm:

  • Paypal Order Form
  • Consultation Form
  • Comment form
  • Event Log
  • Donation Form

CaptainForm Pricing

The CaptainForm comes free of cost and will remain free, forever. However, there are paid options, too for those who are looking to the advanced features. Let’s check out CaptainForm Pricing:


  • Unlimited Activations
  • 3 Forms
  • 15 Fields
  • 500 Secured Entries per month
  • Storage space of 100 MB


  • 1 Site per License
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Fields
  • 5K Secured Entries per month.
  • Storage space of 500 MB
  • 5 Native Add-ons

MASTER $95/year

  • 3 Sites per License
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Fields
  • 20K Secured Entries per month.
  • Storage space of 2 GB
  • 14 Native Add-ons

HERO $195/year

  • Unlimited Sites per License
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Fields
  • 100K Secured Entries per month
  • Storage space of 10 GB
  • 26 Native Add-ons
  • Multisite Support
  • Payment Integration

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Comparison of CaptainForm Pricing Plans

Check out the comparison of CaptainForm Pricing Plans:

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CaptainForm FAQ

Check out CaptainForm FAQ as below:

What kind of forms can be created with CaptainForm?

Any kind of forms can be created with CaptainForm. For example, paypal order form, consultation form, donation form, survey form, subscription form, etc.

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Are CaptainForm free?

Yes, CaptainForm is free of cost. However, there are 3 other paid plans available, too.

Is there any moneyback offer at CaptainForm?

Yes, you will get 30 days moneyback guarantee with CaptainForm.

Are there any support options available at CaptainForm?

Yes, there are support options available at CaptainForm.

Are there any other options available with CaptainForm?

Polls and Quizzes are just some of the options available with CaptainForm.

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CaptainForm Alternatives

Check out CaptainForm Alternatives as below:

CaptainForm Login

Check out CaptainForm login and signup at

That’s all under CaptainForm Review!

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