Castler Review – Indian Digital Escrow Platform

Castler Digital Escrow Platform

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Castler Review – Indian Digital Escrow Platform! Is it worth it?

If you are looking for trust based Indian digital escrow platform, the team of Castler claims that they are India’s 1st trust based digital escrow platform.

Let’s check out at our Castler Review on what Castler is all about and how can they be useful for the people who are looking for the digital escrow platform.

What is Castler Digital Escrow Platform?

Castler is an Indian digital escrow platform which offers escrow solutions more accessible and convenient for consumers and enterprises in the same way by digitizing the escrow process. The Castler is all about leveraging technology, expertise and Innovation in order to make the escrow platform digitized. The team of Castler intends to fill in the trust gaps which have been evolving due to the constant rise in the monetary frauds.

How the idea of Castler Digital Escrow Platform originated?

The idea of creating Castler, an Indian digital escrow platform born out of an issue, when Vineet, who is currently Chief Castler, sold his car on a website which sell old cars and faced an issue with the transaction to complete. While, Vineet was being promised to get the payment within 30 minutes of selling his car, the transaction took a major delay to complete and it took around 10 days for the entire transaction to conclude.

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While, this issue was happening, there was another final nail in the coffin when one of his friends, got scammed of around INR 18290 at one of the most reputed marketplaces through UPI. These both incidents highlighted the need of a safer payment system. With the mission and vision to create an escrow system which is much safer, both joined hands and laid the foundation of Castler and came up with a product ‘Castler’ that lays a foundation to better trust and credibility to both; businesses and consumers alike.

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Caster Features – Digital Escrow Platform

Check out the Castler Features as compared to traditional escrow as mentioned below:

Castler Features

How does Castler Digital Escrow work?

Castler is based on a simple motto of creating a trust-based transaction ecosystem for businesses and consumers in the same manner.  

For Castler, the below works:

[ Transparency + Trust + Innovation = Escrow Done Right]

The Castler digitizes the escrow process. The Castler offers multi-party protection to the users and provides the different levels of authentication to make the entire transaction process, safer, trusted and better! It protects the users from getting in an unsafe environment and offers them a relaxation while dealing in business at the digital mode.

The Castler ensures a more secure, speedy, and transparent digital escrow platform and offer you an Indian go-to transaction solution!

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Let’s check out how does Castler Digital Escrow work as below:

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Partners of Castler Digital Escrow

The below mentioned are the partners of Castler Digital Escrow:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Razorpay
  • Aadhaar startupindia
  • Docusign
  • Mumbai Angels Network
  • Cashfree
  • Aws
  • Universal Trusteeship Services
  • Digilocker

Castler Digital Escrow for Consumer Escrow

Below mentioned are the Consumer Escrow of Castler Digital Escrow:

  • Buy/Sell on Marketplaces
  • Used Vehicles
  • Luxury Goods
  • Services
  • Real Estate  

Castler Digital Escrow for Enterprise Escrow

Below mentioned are the Enterprise Escrow of Castler Digital Escrow:

  • Financial Services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Marketplaces
  • Logistics
  • Gaming
  • Real Estate

The Castler Digital Escrow Platform is indeed something that offers a new escrow system in the country with secure transactions for enterprises and Individual Buyers & Sellers.

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That’s all under Castler Review for now!

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