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For those who are looking to earn lots of money through affiliate marketing, they must consider one fact that the affiliate marketing is not an easy task to deal with. When properly guided and rightly implemented, the affiliate marketing can generate you lots of money; however if things aren’t implemented perfectly, affiliate marketing cannot generate you money, Commission Hero is one such affiliate marketing course which can guide you on how to implement tips on affiliate marketing properly to generate money.

Check out Commission Hero Review to know about its features, pricing, faqs , alternatives and more. Under Commission Hero review, we will check out all important features and pros/cons which this affiliate marketing course brings you with. Here is a quick Commission Hero Review for those who are unfamiliar with Commission Hero.


What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online affiliate marketing course brought to you by Robby Blanchard and promises to give you sufficient knowledge on how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

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This Commission hero, Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing course is really worth investing in considering the scope which this affiliate marketing course brings to you.

Commission Hero is among the top clickbank affiliate courses which can be classified as an affiliate marketing course from the affiliate on ClickBank. It’s an affiliate marketing course that attempts to show you how to generate money through affiliate marketing. The training videos are an essential part of the course. You’ll get roughly 45 in total, so you’ll gain a good understanding of how to excel on this course right away.

Robby created Commission Hero so that even if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you can learn how to comprehend his business model and apply it to your own. Setting up your Facebook account, creating your landing pages, writing the words for your ads, finding and using images for those ads, choosing the right offer, and linking your Facebook ads to your landing pages to earn commission as a Click-bank affiliate are all examples of things Robby does step by step.

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Commission Hero Features

Check out Commission Hero features as mentioned below:

While the Commission hero doesn’t provide a direct way to earn through affiliate marketing, the commission hero teaches you the same exact techniques as used by the best Clickbank affiliate in the world. Thus, Commission Hero, Robby Blanchard course, teaches you how to make $1000 per day.

Choosing an Affiliate Program

It can be challenging to discover the finest affiliate network that pays well for marketing their items when it comes to selecting an affiliate network.

Developing a Landing Page

The landing page is one of the most significant elements because it is where the people we want to target will land. ClickFunnels is the essential platform for developing landing pages.

Setting up Facebook Ads

After you’ve chosen your affiliate network and produced a gorgeous landing page, it’s time to construct a Facebook ad to target your audience.

An affiliate marketing strategy

You will feel interesting to know that Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training that will help you go from 0 to $1000 per day. This is a great thing. You will be surprised to earn vast sums of money within a short time. It is a fantastic concept.

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Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero Pricing

As you can check out in the Commission hero pricing plans, it offers two different pricing plans;

One time payment

This Commission Hero pricing plan comes at the cost of $997 and the person can get the access now!

Two Payments

This Commission Hero pricing plan comes at the cost of $597 and the person can get the access now! Two pyaments billed 30 days apart is the feature of this two payment Commission Hero pricing plan.

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You must have a clear concept about the pricing and investment policies of Commission Hero. It is better to start with $20 to $30 per day, if you are beginning. It means that $300 to $600 per month. You must know it well, that initially, you may lose money in the first few months. It can be a good choice, if you have experience in this field. The profit margin in Commission Hero ranges from 30% to 40% per month. If you have earned $1000 it means that 300 to 400 in a day. This will keep on increasing with time and experience. However, making $300 a day is not a bad thing.

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Robby Blanchard YouTube Guide

Course creator Robby Blanchard, Commission Hero Founder gives an overview of how the Commission Hero system works in the below YouTube Video. Check out Robby Blanchard YouTube Video as below:

How does the Commission Hero affiliate marketing process work?

How Commission Hero affiliate marketing process works in the following manner:

  • You find the product on Clickbank which you are interested to promote
  • You create a facebook ad to promote that specific product and lead people to a dedicated landing page created for that product.
  • The visitors coming to that landing page clicks on that affiliate link.
  • The visitors are taken to the purchase page of that product and buy that product
  • You earn a commission for your efforts done to promote that product.

Commission Hero YouTube Video

Check out Commission Hero YouTube Video as below:

Here’s another Robby Blanchard YouTube Video on Commission Hero as below:

Commission Hero FAQ’s

Check out Commission Hero FAQ’s as listed below:

Does Commission Hero work in every country?

You might have a question about whether it works in every country. It works well in the US and other western countries. You can have the option to select different languages.

Is it reasonable to have training before starting Commission Hero?

A training program will essentially help you before starting Commission Hero. It is always suggested to have a short time training session.

Who teaches or takes over this online training course?

 Robby Blanchard takes it. The Commission Hero is the affiliate marketing course by Robby Blanchard an he is the person who handles the training course himself.

What does it teach?

It will teach you some essential things. Out of this, you can learn to find other people’s products and promote them in the best possible manner. You can also advertise such products on Social media platforms. If required, you can also convert those advertising leads into sales. Thus you can do big things with Commission Hero.

Is it better to invest a good amount of money?

No, initially you may start with a small amount of money. If you have experience, you can start with a significant amount.

Is Commission Hero a legit one?

Yes, it is legit, and you can confirm it through various software’s.

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Commission Hero Alternatives

Check out Commission Hero alternatives as mentioned below:

  • Four percent group
  • Wealthy affiliate
  • Savage affiliates
  • Super affiliate systems are some of the noted alternatives.

Commission Hero Login and Signup

Check out Commission Hero login and signup at

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