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Floatbot, a SaaS based conversational artificial intelligence platform offers an easy way to build a no-code unified chatbots/voicebots.


What is Floatbot?

Floatbot is a no-code SaaS-based conversational AI platform that requires zero coding to build a chatbots and voicebots. The Floatbot with its advanced bot builders, offers an easy and quick way to build bots; chatbots and voicebots.  With this hybrid AI platform, the task of the development of both Chatbot and Voicebot can be completed within hours.

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Features of Floatbot

Below mentioned are the features of Floatbot, SaaS based conversational AI Platform:

  • Speech recognition in vernacular language
  • 10 Languages with 100+ Dialects
  • Powered with 100000 hours of Voice
  • Automate nearly 80% of your Call Center operations with hybrid Voicebot and Chatbot
  • Increase your CSAT score
  • Bots build with Floatbot are truly omni-channel
  • Floatbot offers a way to the end customers to seamlessly switch between Voice channels and Chat channels without loosing past sessions and context.
  • The Floatbot’s Analyze section can help you in better understanding of users’ behavior.
  • Also, one can analyse bot’s performance and usage pattern.
  • Floatbot analyse section can also help understanding users’ behavior like sentiment and emotions analyses major pain areas to drive action.
  • Comes with pre-integrated oAuth which is a SAML based authentication for secured login.
  • Enable payments inside Chatbot.
  • This SaaS based conversational AI Platform is completely PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Increases user engagement by 10 times.
  • Improve your Customer Experience by multiple times.

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Pricing of Floatbot

Below is the pricing model of Floatbot:

Floatbot Pricing

Integration support at Floatbot

Floatbot is an enterprise-friendly SaaS based conversational AI Platform which is pre-integrated with several popular enterprise solutions. The Floatbot supports integration with the below mentioned contact center solutions, which are labelled as below:

  • Ameyo
  • Five9
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Genesys

The Floatbot, also are open to partnership with other solutions, that offer integrated solutions to customers.

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Success Story of Floatbot

The Floatbot has started its successful journey and with the Andhra bank’s ABHI chatbot (which is the most comprehensive Chatbot under Andhra Bank and serves the various purpose for banking. The ABHI Chatbot handles digital banking related queries, accounts, cards related queries, loans, IFSC code, government schemes, locating nearby branches of Andhra Bank and more banking services related queries), it has added a very powerful showcase in its kitty of clients.

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The Floatbot is a powerful enterprise-friendly SaaS based conversational AI Platform, which one can look forward!

Check out https://floatbot.ai/

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