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This Post featured on FunnelFlux Review, is all about reviewing FunnelFlux, which is an affiliate tracker software and a visual builder, which tracks your marketing campaigns.

Let’s check out FunnelFlux Review below.

What is FunnelFlux?

FunnelFlux is an affiliate tracker software or platform which tracks your marketing campaigns ranging from Taboola, Facebook and Google Adwords to other activites like email campaigns and anything else which belong to your kitty in the marketing campaigns.

It is also a visual builder, which can help the affiliates in creating their landing pages, even if the affiliates don’t posses any coding knowledge.

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What are the functionalities of FunnelFlux?

Just as mentioned above, the FunnelFlux is an affiliate tracker platform, which can help you track all of your marketing campaigns. The FunnelFlux also helps you in creating landers which of course require no coding knowledge. The FunnelFlux is an on-premise solution to track, control and optimize funnels and user journeys.

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Features of FunnelFlux

The FunnelFlux is a next generation SaaS technology. Check out the wide range of features of FunnelFlux as mentioned below:

  • Best Funnel Tracker as per the marketers
  • Powerful tracking software
  • Most important feature is the ‘funnel heatmaps’ of FunnelFlux which offers an in-depth knowledge of the conversion pattern.
  • The Funnel heatmaps, thus allows the marketers in better understanding the users’ behaviour and thus can help in better optimization of the campaigns.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to use Visual Builder
  • No coding required while creating landers
  • Variety of options for users to choose from.
  • Powerful Reporting engine
  • Can turn any data into the useful stats within a matter of seconds
  • Real time data and results
  • Multi-user collaboration i.e., Multiple users can use the software at once
  • Features not limited to pricing.
  • Drag and Drop
  • Easy data import and export
  • Automatic EPV optimisation nodes
  • Advanced reporting
  • Manipulation of tracker can be done easily with an open API
  • No-redirect Javascript Tracking
  • Lifetime value tracking
  • Self-hosted or Managed
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Built-in Statistical Significance
  • More than 60 Key Performance Indicators
  • Pinpoint Funnel Bottlenecks
  • Email Opt-in Conversion Tracking
  • And a lot more.

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In fact, during the FunnelFlux Review, we found out that the FunnelFlux had a lot of features which are worthy to mention. Check out FunnelFlux features as below:

Installation of FunnelFlux

The installation of FunnelFlux at WordPress can be carried out by the process as mentioned below in the YouTube video:

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Pricing of FunnelFlux

Check out the pricing of FunnelFlux as mentioned below:

FunnelFlux Pro Review FAQ

Here is the FunnelFlux Review FAQ as mentioned below:

Q. What is FunnelFlux used for?

A. The FunnelFlux can be used for the below mentioned:

  • Tracking your marketing campaigns
  • Creating landers
  • Diagram Templates
  • Flowchart
  • Multi-User Collaboration

Q. Does FunnelFlux provide API?

A. Yes, the FunnelFlux provides API.

Q. Is FunnelFlux like ClickFunnels?

A. Not at all! The FunnelFlux is basically for traffic routing and tracking, while the ClickFunnels is a landing page builder, which can be used to create pages with the use of templates.

Q. Is FunnelFlux self-hosted?

A. Yes and No, as FunnelFlux can be self-hosted and cloud-hosted tracker, depending upon your needs and demands.

Q. Does FunnelFlux offer any free trial?

A. Yes, FunnelFlux offer $1 trial.

Q. Is FunnelFlux difficult to install?

A. No, FunnelFlux isn’t difficult to install, but still if you need the support of tech persons, the team of FunnelFlux can provide that support.

Q. How fast is FunnelFlux?

A. The FunnelFlux is quick. Still, the speed depends on where a tracked user is being compared to the physical server. The FunnelFlux is very much capable of handling huge traffic bursts and high loads.

Q. Is FunnelFlux GDPR Compliant?

A. Yes, the FunnelFlux is GDPR Compliant.

Q. Does FunnelFlux helps in migration from another tracker?

A. Yes, FunnelFlux support team offers help for the process of migration from another tracker.

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Top FunnelFlux alternatives

The top FunnelFlux alternatives are mentioned below:

  • Lucidchart
  • Voluum
  • Gliffy
  • ClickMagick
  • Creately
  • SmartDraw

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FunnelFlux Login and Signup

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