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You must have heard about the MalCare WordPress Plugin, which provides a hassle-free WordPress site to the users. The best part of MalCare is its scalability and compatibility. This is why a maximum of users prefer it. The easy-to-use feature is another vital part of MalCare. Many users are highly impressed and satisfied with its accessible operating mode. You will feel glad to know that MalCare was built by the same team who made BlogVault. It is a famous company known for backup plugin products. Lets check out MalCare Review to various aspects of MalCare like features, integrations, pricing, alternatives, faqs and more.

What is MalCare?

MalCare is a WordPress plugin that is a free malware scanner and that can keep your site secure without slowing it down. With MalCare you can get automatic malware scans, one-click malware removal and are also provided with a real-time firewall.

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Best MalCare Features

Now get all the best MalCare features through which you can ensure smooth running of the site. Here are some of MalCare features as below.

  • It is simple and easy to handle. This is why it a maximum number of users have preferred it. They are delighted.
  • It has the capacity and ability to process its data and test over 100 signals at a time.
  • It can easily fetch any suspicious files on the server. It is another best feature of the site.
  • It also holds the ability to track even the smallest file changes if required.
  • The best thing about MalCare site is handling with a single click.
  • You can also receive timely email alerts with MalCare.
  • It can also protect you from a Brute Force attack.
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MalCare Integrations

MalCare comes with the quality through which you can make your site secured and safe from the hackers. The plugin will notify you in case the site goes down. MalCare integrations is easily possible at WordPress.

Malcare Pricing

MalCare comes with Free Version too. However, the free version comes with several restrictions. A brief idea about the MalCare pricing will make everything easier for the users. This will help you to adopt a suitable plan for your work.

  • You can avail the MalCare pricing plan for $99 per year for personal use of one site. With this, you will get complete login protection. You can also grab the facility of the automatic daily Malware scan.
  • For small businesses with up to five websites, you can opt for a MalCare pricing plan of $149 per year. With this plan, you can get complete login protection and the facility of a smart website firewall.
  • For developers who have to handle 20 sites, you can avail of the MalCare pricing plan of $299 per year. You will get an unlimited automatic Malware removal facility.
  • You can use a seven-day free trial session. To get this, you have just to sign in and start.

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MalCare FAQ’s

Check out MalCare FAQ as below:

What does MalCare mean?

It is nothing but a WordPress security plugin that holds the ability to protect your site from any hacking and clean the area as and when required.

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Will it be safe to use MalCare?

Yes, it will be safe to use MalCare. You can give your website complete protection with this WordPress plugin site. This is why most agencies and companies have started using it.

What is the ultimate discount that I can get from MalCare?

You can get a discount of up to 25% on any yearly plans of MalCare. If you get a discount plan, you must also avail it to get a discount of 10% on every plan.

Can I get the option of a free trial in MalCare?

Yes, you can opt for a seven days free trial on MalCare. Once you are satisfied with it, you can go for the paid options.

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MalCare alternatives

Check out some MalCare alternatives. Below are MalCare alternatives:

  • Amazon CloudFront
  • G2 deals
  • Imperva Cloud Application Security
  • Beagle Security
  • WordFence

Thus, these are some of the best MalCare alternatives which you can use.

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MalCare Login and Signup

Check out MalCare login and signup at

Also check out MalCare WordPress Plugin as below:

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