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With the need of the contents at website for various is ever increasing, the content stealing has been on the rise. The contents are being picked up from the other websites and are smartly being converted into a fresh content and being posted, in order to achieve the desired results. This content stealing, or content duplicacy or plagiarism is on the rise. The content writers who believe in such activities try to fulfil the high needs of the clients for the contents through such illegitimate ways. However, thanks to the presence of several plagiarism checker tools, the content duplicacy can be caught.

While, in the market, there are numerous plagiarism checker available, one such plagiarism checker is Plagramme.

Let’s review Plagramme, which has been here in the market for quite some time.

What is Plagramme?

Plagramme is a plagiarism checker tool where users can get plagiarism scores free of cost and within seconds. Thus, Plagramme helps in determining the authenticity of the contents, no matter how long the contents are.

Features of Plagramme

Below mentioned are the features of Plagramme. Let’s check them out:

  • Paraphrase detection to check the validation of the content.
  • Bad citation checker to check the wrong citation and offers a way to place the right citations.
  • Nice interface
  • Advanced scoring systems like similarity score, plagiarism risk score, paraphrase score, improper citations score, and a quick score.
  • Viewable sources, which places links to the sources to the matching parts of the content.
  • You can correct improper quotations, words, and paraphrases in the contents.
  • Multilingual detection in order to detect the plagiarism issue within the contents belonging to several languages around the world.
  • Free accounts to Educators with full functionality.
  • Free accounts to Standard users with partial functionality.
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Pricing of Plagramme

Let’s check out the entire pricing model of Plagramme:


  • For educators, the full functionality of Plagramme is available
  • For Standard users, the partial functionality of Plagramme is available

Let’s check out the features available in free mode of Plagramme:

As an educator or premium user, you will get the access to the below mentioned features:

  • Quick plagiarism check
  • Detailed plagiarism check
  • Plagiarism report
  • Web database
  • Database of scholarly articles
  • Real-time check
  • Free for Educators
  • Quick report generation
  • 99.9% uptime

While, for the standard users, the free versions come with the following features:

  • Quick plagiarism check

While the remaining features which are available with educator or premium users, aren’t available for standard users.

Plagramme FAQs

Check out the Plagramme FAQs as below:

What are the top alternatives for Plagramme?

The top alternatives for Plagramme are mentioned in the section below.

Does Plagramme provide API?

No, Plagramme does not provide any API.

What is the cost of Plagramme?

The Plagramme comes free of cost with limited functionality for standard users. The educators are offered full functionality, free of cost.

What is the most important feature of Plagramme?

The most important feature or functionality of Plagramme is its ability to detect duplicacy, free of cost.

Who is Plagramme tool useful for?

The Plagramme is useful for everyone, who is looking to check duplicacy of contents. It is open to everyone.

Plagramme Alternatives

Check below the following Plagramme Alternatives:

  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Turnitin
  • Plagscan
  • Duplichecker
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Plagramme Login and Signup

Check out Plagramme Login and Signup options at

The Plagramme tool is a useful tool and more importantly since it is free of cost, the users who are looking for the plagiarism checker, can definitely use this Plagramme tool.

That’s all for the Plagramme review!

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