450+ SEO Tools and Websites You Should Know About

SEO Tools

Last Updated on October 5, 2021 by Rashid Hassan

We bring you a list of more than 450 SEO Tools that are categorized into various groups that helps you in getting your SEO knowledge enriched and will help you in achieving better results in SEO.

As we all know that SEO Tools are the impartial part of SEO, which can help you in achieving better results in digital marketing and thus their significance can’t be look down upon. Enriching your knowledge and skills with the help of these SEO Tools is the only way you can withstand the growing competition in the field of digital marketing. These SEO Tools have been in use for most SEOs and it’s the high time that you must also be aware of these SEO Tools.

There may be an overlap of some of the names of SEO Tools, as these SEO Tools falls in different categories and thus overlapping will be the natural scenario. Let’s check out the exhausting list of SEO Tools as below:

All-in-one SEO Tools

All-in-one SEO tools are those tools which are being used for various categories and can be used for multiple purposes like keyword research, keyword tracking, crawling, traffic analysis, competitor analysis and many more.

  • Semrush (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: semrush.com

  • Ahrefs (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit:: ahrefs.com


Please visit:: moz.com


Please visit: raventools.com

  • ContentKing (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: contentkingapp.com


Please visit: en.ryte.com

  • Majestic SEO (PAID)

Please visit: majestic.com

  • LinkResearchTools (PAID)

Please visit: smart.linkresearchtools.com

  • Cognitive SEO (PAID)

Please visit: cognitiveseo.com


Please visit: woorank.com

  • SE Ranking (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: seranking.com

  • URL Profiler (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: urlprofiler.com

  • Serpstat (PAID)

Please visit: serpstat.com

  • Searchmetrics (PAID)

Please visit: searchmetrics.com

  • Majestic SEO (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: majestic.com

  • SpyFu (PAID)

Please visit: spyfu.com

  • Siteimprove (PAID)

Please visit: siteimprove.com

  • Marketing Miner (PAID)

Please visit: marketingminer.com

  • Morningscore (PAID)

Please visit: morningscore.io

  • Botify (PAID)

Please visit: botify.com

  • Clusteric (PAID)

Please visit: clusteric.com


Please visit: seobility.net


Please visit: onpagechamp.com

  • Topvisor (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: topvisor.com


Please visit: seopowersuite.com

  • Lipperhey (FREE)

Please visit: lipperhey.com

  • Conductor (FREE)

Please visit: conductor.com

  • Site Analyzer (FREE)

Please visit: site-analyzer.pro

  • SEO Clarity

Please visit: seoclarity.net

Favourite SEO all-in-one SEO tool: Semrush

SEO Tools for Crawling & Auditing

The below mentioned SEO tools perform the function of crawling and auditing and thus are regarded as technical SEO audit SEO Tools.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider

  • Sitebulb (PAID/60-day free trial)

Please visit: sitebulb.com

  • Semrush Site Audit (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: semrush.com

  • Bing Site Scan (FREE)

Please visit: bing.com/webmasters/help/site-scan/

  • Bing SiteExplorer (FREE)

Please visit: bing.com/webmasters/help/site-explorer/

  • Ahrefs Site Audit (PAID)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/site-audit

  • Serpstat Site Audit (PAID)

Please visit: serpstat.com/site-audit

  • DeepCrawl (PAID)

Please visit: deepcrawl.com

  • WooRank Site Crawl (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: woorank.com/en/marketing-tools/site-crawl

  • Alexa Site Audit Tool (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: try.alexa.com/marketing-stack/seo-audit-tool

  • Moz Site Crawl (PAID/FREET RIAL)

Please visit: moz.com/products/pro/site-crawl

  • ContentKing SEO Auditing Tool (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: contentkingapp.com

  • JetOctopus (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: jetoctopus.com

  • Cognitive Site Audit Tool (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: cognitiveseo.com/site-audit/

  • OnCrawl SEO Crawler (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: oncrawl.com

  • Raven Website Auditor (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: raventools.com/site-auditor

  • Netpeak Spider (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: netpeaksoftware.com/spider

  • Site Guru (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: siteguru.co


Please visit: visual-seo.com

  • Forecheck (PAID)

Please visit: forecheck.com


Please visit: seoptimer.com

  • SEO Site Checkup (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: seositecheckup.com


Please visit: seolyzer.io


Please visit: seomator.com


Please visit: headmasterseo.com

  • URL Profiler (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: urlprofiler.com


Please visit: headmasterseo.com

  • Greenflare (FREE)

Please visit: greenflare.io

  • Semrush Sensor (FREE)

Please visit: semrush.com/sensor/

  • Ryte Free SEO Tools (FREE)

Please visit: en.ryte.com/free-tools/

  • Siteliner (FREE)

Please visit: siteliner.com

  • Xenu’s LinkSleuth (FREE)

Please visit: home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html

  • Zadro SEO Auditor (FREE)

Please visit: zadroweb.com/seo-auditor

  • SEO Workers SEO Analysis Tool (FREE)

Please visit: seoworkers.com/tools/analyzer.html

  • Siteliner (FREE)

Please visit: siteliner.com

  • Online Broken Link Checker (FREE)

Please visit: brokenlinkcheck.com

  • Chrome Web Developer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Chrome DevTools (FREE)

Please visit: developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/


Please visit: beamusup.com/free-seo-spider/

  • Link Miner (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (FREE)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/webmaster-tools

Favorite SEO tool for auditing: Sitebulb

SEO Tools from Google

The SEO tools from Google are among the most significant tools which are placed in the top list of the SEOs around the world. Generally, the Google SEO Tools are free of cost.

  • Natural Language API Demo (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: cloud.google.com/natural-language

  • Google Search Console (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console

  • Google Search Console Insights (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console/insights/

  • Test My Site (FREE)

Please visit: thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/testmysite/

  • Google Search Console Core Web Vitals report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Search Console Mobile Usability report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Search Console Coverage report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Search Console Sitemaps report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Search Console AMP report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GSC Manual Actions Report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GSC Security Issues report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GSC Links Report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GSC Crawl Stats Report (FREE)
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Please visit: Link

  • Google Search Console Crawl Rate Settings (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • URL Inspection Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • URL Parameters Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • URL Removals Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Remove Outdated Content Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • International Targeting report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Change of Address Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Robots.txt Tester (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Mobile-Friendly Test (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

  • Google PageSpeed Insights (FREE)

Please visit: developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

  • Lighthouse (FREE)

Please visit: developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse

  • Web.dev Measure (FREE)

Please visit: web.dev/measure/

  • Analytics (FREE)

Please visit: analytics.google.com/analytics/web

  • Google Trends (FREE)

Please visit: trends.google.com

  • Google Rich Results Test (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/test/rich-results

  • Data Highlighter Tool (FREE)

Please visit: google.com/webmasters/tools/data-highlighter

  • AMP Test (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/test/amp

  • AMP Validator (FREE)

Please visit: validator.ampproject.org

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner (FREE)

Please visit: ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/

  • Chrome Web Vitals (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Safe Browsing Check (FREE)

Please visit: transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/

  • Google Similar Pages (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Suspicious Site Reporter (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Data Studio (FREE)

Please visit: datastudio.google.com

  • Google My Business (FREE)

Please visit: google.com/business

  • Google Alerts (FREE)

Please visit: google.com/alerts/

Google Disavow Tool (FREE)

Please visitsearch.google.com/search-console/disavow-links

  • Google Web Tools (FREE)

Please visit: support.google.com/webtools/

  • Google Tag Manager (FREE)

Please visit: tagmanager.google.com

  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Structured Data Markup Helper (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Open-Source Projects (FREE)

Please visit: Link

Favorite Google SEO tool: Google Search Console

Site Speed & Performance Tools

The SEO tools which come under the category of site speed, performance analysis and other such aspects are among the most important SEO Tools, as most recently Google has focused on better ranking of those websites which has focused on the metrics we just talked about.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights (FREE)

Please visit: developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights

  • Google Search Console Page Experience report (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console

  • Google Search Console Core Web Vitals report (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console

  • Chrome UX Report (CrUX) (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Chrome DevTools Performance (FREE)

Please visit: developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/

  • Lighthouse (FREE)

Please visit: developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse

  • WebPageTest (FREE)

Please visit: webpagetest.org

  • Web.dev Measure (FREE)

Please visit: web.dev/measure

  • ContentKing (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: contentkingapp.com

  • DebugBear (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: debugbear.com


Please visit: onlineornot.com

  • GTmetrix (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: gtmetrix.com

  • Layout Shift Generator (FREE)

Please visit: defaced.dev/tools/layout-shift-gif-generator

  • Wattspeed (FREE)

Please visit: wattspeed.com

  • PageSpeed Compare (FREE)

Please visit: pagespeed.compare

  • Batch Speed (FREE)

Please visit: batchspeed.com

  • Experte Core Web Vitals Check (FREE)

Please visit: experte.com/web-vitals

  • Dareboost Website Speed Test (FREE)

Please visit: dareboost.com

  • Website Grader (FREE)

Please visit: website.grader.com

  • TREO Site Speed (FREE)

Please visit: treo.sh/sitespeed

  • Dunplab Web Vitals Tester (FREE)

Please visit: dunplab.it/web-vitals-tester

  • CLS Visualizer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Cumulative Layout ShiftDebugger (FREE)

Please visit: webvitals.dev/cls

  • Cumulative Layout Shift GIF Generator (FREE)

Please visit: Link

Favorite Speed & Performance Tool: Google Page Speed Insights

Technical SEO Tools

The Technical SEO Tools are the ones which helps you in performing the technical aspects of websites and work on the technicalities of websites performance. The technical aspects may include generating robots.txt, sitemap generation and other such tasks.

  • EasyRedir (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: easyredir.com

  • Merkle Technical SEO Tools (FREE)

Please visit: technicalseo.com/tools

  • SEO tools from Aleyda Solis (FREE)

Please visit: aleydasolis.com/en/seo-resources-tools/

  • Internet Marketing Ninjas Tools (FREE)

Please visit: internetmarketingninjas.com/tools/

  • Ryte Free SEO Tools (FREE)

Please visit: en.ryte.com/free-tools/

  • SEO Tools for Excel (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: seotoolsforexcel.com

  • Small SEO Tools (FREE)

Please visit: smallseotools.com

  • Sheets for Marketers (FREE)

Please visit: sheetsformarketers.com


Please visit: browseo.net

  • Where Goes (FREE)

Please visit: wheregoes.com

  • Robots.txt Generator

Please visit: en.ryte.com/free-tools/robots-txt-generator/

  • SEO Workers (FREE)

Please visit: seoworkers.com

  • XML Sitemaps (FREE)

Please visit: xml-sitemaps.com

  • JavaScript Rendering Check (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Rendertron (FREE)

Please visit: render-tron.appspot.com

  • Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator (FREE)

Please visit: ipullrank.com/tools/map-broker/

  • Htaccess Redirects Generator (FREE)

Please visit: aleydasolis.com/htaccess-redirects-generator/

  • Siege Media Ember Code Generator (FREE)

Please visit: siegemedia.com/embed-code-generator

  • Mobile-First Index Tool (FREE)

Please visit: technicalseo.com/tools/mobile-first-index/

  • Bing Mobile Friendliness Tool (FREE)

Please visit: bing.com/webmaster/tools/mobile-friendliness

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

  • Structured Data Testing Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Rich Results Test (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • RankRanger Schema Markup Generator (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer (FREE)

Please visit: classyschema.org/Visualisation

  • Schema.dev Structured Data Testing Tool (FREE)

Please visit: schema.dev/schema-tester/

  • Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (FREE)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/webmaster-tools

  • XML Sitemap Validator (FREE)

Please visit: xml-sitemaps.com/validate-xml-sitemap.html

  • W3C Markup Validator (FREE)

Please visit: validator.w3.org

  • Wayback Machine (FREE)

Please visit: archive.org/web/

  • Copyscape (FREE)

Please visit: copyscape.com

Favorite Technical SEO tool: JavaScript Rendering Check

Log File Analysis Tools

The analysis of log files using excel is not at all recommended as we now have several SEO tools that can perform this task quite efficiently.

  • OnCrawl Log Analyzer (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: oncrawl.com/suites-insights/seo-log-analyzer/

  • JetOctopus Log Analyzer (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: jetoctopus.com/log-analyzer/

  • SEO Log File Analyzer (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: screamingfrog.co.uk/log-file-analyser/

  • Semrush Log File Analyzer (FREE)

Please visit: semrush.com/log-file-analyzer/


Please visit: seolyzer.io

  • Google Search Console Crawl Stats Report (FREE)

Please visit: Link

Favorite log file analysis tool: Google Search Console Crawl Stats report

Keyword Research Tools

The success of SEO is mostly dependant on finding the right target keywords for your websites. The task of finding the right topics and keywords is what is the foundation stone of the SEO. The task of Keyword Research can be performed efficiently through the use of the below mentioned SEO Tools.

  • Semrush Keyword Magic Tool (FREE)

Please visit: semrush.com/analytics/keywordmagic/start

  • Also Asked

Please visitalsoasked.com/under-maintenance

  • People Also Ask (FREE)

Please visit: usetopic.com/people-also-ask

  • Answer The Public (FREE)

Please visit: answerthepublic.com

  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/keywords-explorer

  • Moz Keyword Explorer (FREE)

Please visit: moz.com/explorer

  • Keyword Tool (FREE)
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Please visit: keywordtool.io

  • Google Keyword Planner (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Long Tail Pro (PAID)

Please visit: longtailpro.com

  • Clear Scope (PAID)

Please visit: clearscope.io


Please visit: kwfinder.com

  • Keywords Everywhere (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: keywordseverywhere.com

  • iSpionage (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: ispionage.com

  • Lipperhey (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: lipperhey.com

  • Allintitle (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: allintitle.co

  • Ubersuggest (FREE)

Please visit: neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

  • QuestionDB (FREE)

Please visit: questiondb.io

  • Free Keyword Tool (FREE)

Please visit: wordstream.com/keywords

  • Keyword HERO (FREE)

Please visit: keyword-hero.com

  • Bing Keyword Research Tool (FREE)

Please visit: bing.com/webmasters/

  • SuggestMrx (FREE)

Please visit: suggestmrx.com

  • The Reddit Keyword Research Tool (FREE)

Please visit: highervisibility.com/free-seo-tools/keyworddit/

  • Keyword Shitter (FREE)

Please visit: keywordshitter.com

  • Keys4Up (FREE)

Please visit: keys4up.com

  • LSIGraph (FREE)

Please visit: lsigraph.com


Please visit: webfx.com/tools/keywordsfx

  • Exploding Topics (PAID)

Please visit: explodingtopics.com

Favorite keyword research tool: Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Rank Tracking Tools

The Rank tracking tools are the ones that can help you track the websites rankings for the specific set of target keywords. The below list of SEO Tools for rank tracking plays an important role in the tracking and measuring the success of the performance of SEO.

  • Ahrefs Rank Tracking (PAID)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/rank-tracker

  • Google Search Console Performance report (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console/

  • Semrush Position Tracking (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: Link

  • Advanced Web Ranking (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: Link

  • Bulk Google Rank Checker (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: accuranker.com/bulk-rank-checker

  • TapTimize (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: taptimize.com

  • Authority Labs (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: authoritylabs.com

  • SEOmonitor (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: seomonitor.com


Please visit: amztrackers.com

  • Nightwatch (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: nightwatch.io


Please visit: georanker.com

  • Pro Rank Tracker (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: proranktracker.com

  • Rank Ranger (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: rankranger.com

  • SERPMetrics (FREE)

Please visit: serpmetrics.com


Please visit: serprobot.com

  • AccuRanker SERP Checker (FREE)

Please visit: accuranker.com/rank-tracker

  • SERPWatcher

Please visit: serpwatcher.com

  • Pro Rank Tracker

Please visit: proranktracker.com

  • Stat Rank Tracker

Please visit: getstat.com

Favorite rank tracking tool: Semrush Position Tracking

SERP Tools

SERP scraping tools allows the SEOs to analyse the happening at Search engine results page and take action based on those happenings. These SERP tools can help you in preparing your SEO Strategy well.

  • Surfer SEO (PAID)

Please visit: surferseo.com/serp-analyzer/


Please visit: mobilemoxie.com/tools/mobile-serp-test/

  • SERP Checker (FREE)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/serp-checker

  • Thruu SERP Analyzer (FREE)

Please visit: app.samuelschmitt.com

  • SERPsim (FREE)

Please visit: serpsim.com

  • Counting Characters Google SERP Preview Tool (FREE)

Please visit: countingcharacters.com/google-serp-tool

  • Serpstack

Please visit: serpstack.com

  • SERP House

Please visit: serphouse.com

  • Zenserp

Please visit: zenserp.com

  • SERPMaster

Please visit: serpmaster.com

  • SerpWow

Please visit: serpwow.com

  • Serp API

Please visit: serpapi.com

  • DataForSEO

Please visit: dataforseo.com

  • Apify

Please visit: apify.com/apify/google-search-scraper

  • GeoRanker

Please visit: georanker.com/searchengineresultsapi

Favorite SERP tool: Thruu SERP Analyzer

SEO Tools for Tracking SERP Fluctuations

The SEO tools for tracking SERP fluctuations can play a vital role these days, as the Google is more than ever active in bringing new updates which is causing huge fluctuations of rankings of keywords at SERP.  Thus, SEO tools for tracking SERP fluctuations can help you keep an eye on the possible Google Algorithm changes and plan accordingly.

  • Mozcast

Please visit: moz.com/mozcast

  • Semrush Sensor

Please visit: semrush.com/sensor/

  • Website Penalty Indicator

Please visit: feinternational.com/website-penalty-indicator/

  • Panguin

Please visit: barracuda.digital/panguin-tool/

  • Algoroo

Please visit: algoroo.com

  • Google Grump

Please visit: accuranker.com/grump

  • CognitiveSEO SIGNALS

Please visit: cognitiveseo.com/signals/

  • Mangools SERP Volatility

Please visit: mangools.com/insights/serp

  • RankRanker Rank Risk Index

Please visit: rankranger.com/rank-risk-index

  • Serpwoo

Please visit: serpwoo.com/stats/volatility/

  • Ayima Pulse

Please visit: ayima.com/pulse/

  • Google Algorithm Changes

Please visit: advancedwebranking.com/google-algorithm-changes/

Favorite SEO “weather” tool: Semrush Sensor

SEO Analytics Tools

SEO analytics tools helps you in analysis of the performance of your website and the users’ behaviour.

  • Google Analytics (FREE)

Please visit: analytics.google.com/analytics/web

  • Google Search Console (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console

  • Google Tag Manager (FREE)

Please visit:tagmanager.google.com

  • Microsoft Bing Clarity (FREE)

Please visit: clarity.microsoft.com

  • Analytics Referrer/Ghost Spam Blocker (FREE)

Please visit: adwordsrobot.com/en/tools/ga-referrer-spam-killer

Favorite SEO Analytics tool: Google Analytics

Local SEO Tools

Local SEO is another SEO technique which is a quite different technique from the standard SEO. The below mentioned list of Local SEO Tools help you in performing Local SEO quite effectively.

  • MobileMoxie SERPerator (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: mobilemoxie.com/tools/mobile-serp-test/ 

  • Google My Business (FREE)

Please visit: google.com/business/

  • BrightLocal Free Local SEO Tools (FREE)

Please visit: brightlocal.com/free-local-seo-tools/

  • Merkle Local Search Results Tool (FREE)

Please visit: technicalseo.com/tools/local-search/

  • Google Review Link Generator (FREE)

Please visit: whitespark.ca/google-review-link-generator/

  • Whitespark Review Handout Generator (FREE)

Please visit: whitespark.ca/review-handout-generator/

  • Whitespark Local Citation Finder (FREE)

Please visit: whitespark.ca/local-citation-finder

  • Google Location Changer (FREE)

Please visit: seranking.com/google-location-changer.html

  • BiQ Cloud

Please visit: biq.cloud

  • Moz Local

Please visit: moz.com/products/local

  • Synup

Please visit: synup.com

  • Yext

Please visit: yext.com

  • Local SEO Checklist

Please visit: localseochecklist.org

  • BuzzStream

Please visit: buzzstream.com

  • ReviewTrackers

Please visit: reviewtrackers.com

  • Birdeye (PAID)

Please visit: birdeye.com

  • Reputation (PAID)

Please visit: reputation.com/products/reviews-review-booster/

  • Chatmeter (PAID)

Please visit: chatmeter.com/platform/review-management/

  • SOCi (PAID)

Please visit: meetsoci.com/products/

  • GoSite (PAID)

Please visit: gosite.com/enterprise

  • Insites (PAID)

Please visit: insites.com

  • Uberall (PAID)

Please visit: uberall.com

  • SproutLoud (PAID)

Please visit: sproutloud.com

  • Marketing 360

Please visit: marketing360.com

  • UpCity

Please visit: upcity.com

  • Rio SEO (PAID)

Please visit: rioseo.com/platform/

  • Surfer Local

Please visit: surferlocal.com

  • LocalFalcon

Please visit: localfalcon.com

Favorite local SEO tool: Merkle Local Search Results Tool

SEO Tools for Backlink Analysis

SEO Tools for Backlink analysis are the ones which perform the tasks of backlink analysis which is quite an effective way of finding best backlinks of your competitors and can be used for your own websites.

  • Semrush Backlink Analytics (PAID)

Please visit: Link

  • Semrush Backlink Audit (PAID)

Please visit: Link

  • Ahrefs Backlink Checker (PAID)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

  • Ahrefs Broken Link Checker (PAID)

Please visit: ahrefs.com/broken-link-checker

  • Google Search Console Links report (FREE)

Please visit: search.google.com/search-console

  • Bing Backlinks Tool (FREE)

Please visit: bing.com/webmasters/about

  • Open Link Profiler (FREE)

Please visit: openlinkprofiler.org

  • Moz Link Explorer (FREE)

Please visit: moz.com/link-explorer

  • Linkody

Please visit: linkody.com

  • CognitiveSEO

Please visit: cognitiveseo.com

  • LinkResearchTools

Please visit: linkresearchtools.com

  • Majestic SEO

Please visit: majestic.com

  • Kerboo (PAID)

Please visit: kerboo.com

  • BuzzStream Link Building Tools (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: buzzstream.com

  • Free Backlink Checker (FREE)
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Please visit: neilpatel.com/backlinks/

  • Monitor Backlinks (FREE)

Please visit: monitorbacklinks.com/seo-tools/backlink-checker

  • Online Broken Link Checker (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Moz Link Explorer

Please visit: analytics.moz.com/pro/link-explorer/home

Favorite backlink analysis tool: Google search Console Links report

SEO Intelligence & AI Tools

The SEO Intelligence and AI Tools help in performing several SEO Tasks like content optimization and content writing.

  • Rytr (FREE)

Please visit: rytr.me

  • MarketMuse (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: marketmuse.com

  • Sparktoro (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: sparktoro.com


Please visit: biq.cloud


Please visit: frase.io

  • Hexometer (PAID/FREE TRIAL)

Please visit: hexometer.com


Please visit: inkforall.com

  • SimilarWeb (PAID/FREE VERSION)

Please visit: similarweb.com


Please visit: canirank.com

  • Surfer SEO (PAID)

Please visit: surferseo.com

  • MarketBrew

Please visit: marketbrew.com

  • Pave AI

Please visit: paveai.com

  • WordLift

Please visit: wordlift.io/ai-powered-seo

  • Dialogflow

Please visit: dialogflow.com

  • Alli AI

Please visit: alliai.com

  • Acrolinx

Please visit: acrolinx.com

  • OneSpot

Please visit: onespot.com

Favorite SEO AI tool: Rytr

SEO Chrome Extensions

These SEO Chrome extensions are the tools that can offer you with the numerous SEO data that can provide you best insights to succeed in SEO.

  • Lighthouse (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Free Backlink Checker by LRT (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Checkbot (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Info (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SimilarWeb (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Hreflang Tag Checker (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • WebRank SEO (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Minion (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Keyword Surfer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SeoStack Keyword Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • TextOptimizer (FREE)

Please visit: Link 

  • SERP Trends SEOExtension (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • AMP Validator (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GTM/GA Debug (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google Analytics Debugger (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • ObservePoint Tag Debugger (FREE)

Please visit: Link 

  • Linkclump (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • NoFollow Simple (FREE)
  • Please visit: Link
  • Ahrefs SEO Toolbar (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • MozBar (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Tag Assistant (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Spark Content Optimizer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Checker Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • DNS Checker (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Essential SEO Toolkit (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Robots Exclusion Checker (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Open SEO Stats (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Quick SEO (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Serpstat Website SEO Checker (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Pro Extension (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GInfinity (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Alexa Traffic Rank (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Page Analytics (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Link Grabber 
  • Please visit: Link
  • Page load time (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • OnCrawl SEO Page Audit (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • ContentKing: Real-time SEO auditing (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GMBSpy (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Instant Data Scraper (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Yet another flags (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Greenlane SEO Sitemap Tools (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Ayima Page Insights (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Inspect Canonical (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • The 15-Minute SEO Audit (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GrowthBar (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Link Research SEO Toolbar (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • META SEO Inspector (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Check My Links (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEOquake (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Keywords Everywhere (FREE)

Please visit: Link


Please visit: Link

  • Majestic Backlink Analyzer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Detailed SEO Extension (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Mangools SEO Extension (FREE)

Please visit: Link


Please visit: Link

  • Core Web Vitals (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Ryte structured data helper (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • IP Address and Domain Information (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SerpWorx (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • LRT Power*Trust – PageRank Replacement (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Google SERP Counter (FREE)

Please visit: Link 


Please visit: Link

  • SERP Preview Tool (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Web Developer (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Chrome DevTools (FREE)

Please visit: developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools

  • SEO Indexability Check (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • SEO Analysis & Website Review (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • WooRank SEO Analysis and Website Review (FREE)

Please visit: woorank.com/en/extension

  • Alt Text Tester (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • BuiltWith Technology Profiler (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Web Vitals (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Link Redirect Trace (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Redirect Path (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • View Rendered Source (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • User-Agent Switcher for Chrome (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Core SERP Vitals (FREE)

Please visit: Link

  • Core Web Vitals Annotations (FREE)

Please visit: Link

Favorite SEO Chrome extension: Detailed SEO Extension

SEO WordPress Plugins

The SEO WordPress plugins offers a very healthy support to the websites that are made on WordPress.

  • WP Rocket (PAID)

Please visit: wp-rocket.me

  • Rank Math (FREE)

Please visit: rankmath.com

  • iThemes Security

Please visit: ithemes.com/security/

  • OMGF

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/host-webfonts-local/

  • ThirstyAffiliates

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/thirstyaffiliates/

  • Imagify

Please visit: imagify.io


Please visit: yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

  • Google Site Kit (FREE)

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/google-site-kit/

  • Google Web Stories for WordPress (FREE)

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/web-stories/

  • Yoast Duplicate Post

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/

  • WP Last Modified Info

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/wp-last-modified-info/

  • UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/

  • SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/ssl-insecure-content-fixer/

  • Really Simple SSL

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-ssl/

  • Simple Author Box

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/simple-author-box/

  • LuckyWP Table of Contents

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/luckywp-table-of-contents/

  • Better Search Replace

Please visit: wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/

Favorite WordPress Plugin: WP Rocket

Here is the complete list of SEO Tools that can help you in your journey of SEO. The list is not a closed list, as more additions will be there as time progresses.

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