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You must acknowledge the fact that an active commenting section on any Blog is an important aspect of any blog section, which cannot be ignored at all. The Comment section at any blog can help the bloggers in various ways and can be very helpful to the bloggers in achieving the desired results and meeting the goals.


What can Commenting section add to the Blog?

WordPress Comment Plugins

An Active Section can really add a value to the blog and can help the blog in achieving better keywords rankings and better reader engagement. The Active Commenting section allows the readers to get engaged in discussion and achieving more insights over the topic. They can actively participate in further discussion and can achieve more insights over the topic, which may not have been covered in the blog section. Also, on numerous occasions, the bloggers get valuable suggestions and insights through the readers, which they can really update in their blog and can, enrich the article on the given topic!

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Thus, the Commenting Section is a source of information exchange and content enrichment at the particular topic!

WordPress Comment Plugins

WordPress Comment Plugins

If you are running your website on WordPress, you will be delighted to know, that there are various options of Commenting Plugins for WP, which you can add to enrich your article and provide a better value to the Blog. If you really want your blog to receive lots of comments and valuable suggestions and feedbacks, you should consider these Commenting Plugins for WP. Let’s take a look:

Native WordPress Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

Native WordPress Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

Actually you don’t really need any Commenting Plugin for WordPress Comments to get active. The WordPress has in built Commenting section which you can utilize for making Commenting section live at Blog. This especially comes to use, when you are not a fan of using WordPress Plugins for the commenting purpose and thus increasing the size of the website.

This Native WordPress Comments is the basic commenting system, which can simply fulfill your needs for the commenting live section at blog. However, for the advanced features, you needs to use other Commenting Plugin for WP.

JetPack Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

JetPack Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

Jetpack has been one of the most favorite Plugins for WordPress users! Providing all sorts of features for every kind of needs, this Plugin has been the most preferred Plugins for WordPress. With Jetpack, you can sort out all your needs and demands, and in fact, when it comes to the functionalities, we don’t think, there’s any other Plugin which can offer such a huge list of functionalities and features to be used.

On the same note, the JetPack Comments as offered by the JetPack is one such WordPress Comment Plugin, which offers several upgrades to the native commenting Plugin for WP. But what are those upgrades? Let’s check them out:

  • Visitors are required just to submit their name and email addresses!
  • The website address is an optional one!
  • An option to choose whether they want to receive notifications or not!
  • Easy to install!

Disqus Commenting – WordPress Comment Plugins

Disqus Commenting - WordPress Comment Plugins

One of the Best WordPress Comment Plugins, the Disqus Commenting allows the feature rich commenting section at WP websites. Utilizing the Disqus API, the Disqus Commenting works as the most favorite commenting websites in the world. The Disqus Commenting is really an upgrade to the Native Commenting system of WP, and offers nested comments options, social logins and reply notifications options imbibed.

Disqus Commenting Features

Check some of the most salient features of Disqus Commenting:

  • Requires sign in at Disqus, thus in a way cutting sort of spam comments!
  • Option to moderate comments from email box or from back end and front end!
  • Disqus users can follow and view their comment history and thus offer an advantage!
Disqus Comment System
Disqus Comment System
Developer: Disqus
Price: Free

Thrive Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

Thrive Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

Thrive Comments is just another option among the WordPress Comment Plugins! The Thrive Comments section however isn’t available for free of cost and is a paid Plugin! If you are neglecting the fact of its being paid, the Thrive Comments is a really awesome Commenting Plugins for WP!

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Thrive Comments Features

Let’s check out some salient features of Thrive Comments.

  • An option to upvote or downvote comments
  • Option to opt for the best comment at the top of the section
  • Gamification badges available to encourage users!
  • Threaded replies availability!
  • Option to login via Social Media to leave the comment!

Lazy Social Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

Lazy Social Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

This is yet another WordPress Comment Plugins, which can be used through the Facebook comments. If you are really looking to cut down the spam, you must use this Commenting Plugin for WP, as it allows commenting only through Facebook, which itself is focused on cutting down the spam profiles.

Lazy Social Comments Features

Let’s check out the features of the Lazy Social Comments:

  • Easy translation!
  • Option to adjust comments, color and many more
  • Very light to use
  • Developer friendly
  • Facebook plugin is an option to increase your audience!
Lazy Social Comments
Lazy Social Comments
Developer: Joel James
Price: Free

wpDiscuz Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

wpDiscuz Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

A tough competitor to the Disqus, the wpDiscuz is a really awesome WordPress Comment Plugins, which offers the fully equipped features enriched Plugin for Commenting section at WordPress.

wpDiscuz Comments Features

You can check out the features of wpDiscuz Comments below:

  • Nested Comments availability
  • Comments sorting options availability
  • Built in Lazy loading to speed up the website
  • Loads of integrations and best compatibility with Akismet, top anti spam Plugins!
Comments – wpDiscuz
Comments – wpDiscuz
Developer: gVectors Team
Price: Free

CommentLuv – WordPress Comment Plugins

Among the several available WordPress Comment Plugins, the CommentLuv is yet another one of the most loved Commenting Plugins for WP, which offers lots of noticeable features in the commenting section of the Blog!

CommentLuv Features

You can check out the salient features of the CommentLuv:

  • Currently free version is available and premium is on the way!
  • Has found to increase comments after installation!
  • Simple to install
  • Automatic titled link an since bloggers comment for backlinks, it has chances that comments will increase a lot after installing it!
Price: Free

WP Social Comments – WordPress Comment Plugins

WP Social Comments - WordPress Comment Plugins

Another social media integration WordPress Comment Plugins, the WP Social Comments as the name suggests is a social commenting Plugin for WP, which offers lots of features. The WP Social Comments offers the same commenting system just as the Facebook Wall commenting works.

WP Social Comments Features

You can check out the features as below:

  • Allows people to comment on websites using their social accounts
  • Option to share comment activity
  • Option to moderate the comment by using facebook tools
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy to recognize the commenting format for the users!
WP Social Comments
WP Social Comments
Developer: GenialSouls
Price: Free

We are constantly looking to add the Best Commenting Plugins for WP, and in case, you find out that we missed any best Name, let us know! We would add them in the list and will keep on increasing the list with your valuable inputs! Don’t forget to subscribe us!

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What are Best WordPress Comment Plugins?

Check out the list of Best WordPress Comment Plugins:

  • WordPress Comment Plugins
  • Native WordPress Comments
  • JetPack Comments
  • Disqus Commenting
  • Thrive Comments
  • Lazy Social Comments
  • wpDiscuz Comments
  • CommentLuv
  • WP Social Comments

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