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The content plays an important role in today’s era. With the right strategy and better promotional ways, the Contents can do wonders for your business. Thus, the need for the right content management systems is a key piece to the missing puzzle. The Reliable Content Management Systems are needed to maximize the exposure; with the right CMS, you can have an absolutely amazing looking websites; either it is a Blog website or an eCommerce website. Here, we have picked some Best Open Source CMS, which can help you in the development of websites, without having any technical coding knowledge, of course.

WordPress – Best Open Source CMS

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Definitely, WordPress is the first choice in today’s market. When, around 60% of the total market is captured by WordPress, is there anything to say more! In fact, WordPress has revolutionized the CMS Market and ever since the launch of WordPress back in 2003, it has done wonders for the developers. Built in PHP and MySQL, the WordPress is the most popular website management system.

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WordPress Features

  • Loaded with numerous themes (around 2100 of themes)
  • WordPress Themes as free and paid available
  • Lots of Plugins (around 50316 plugins)  are available to resolve your any needs and demands
  • Plugins like WooCommerce to turn your website into eCommerce Website
  • Hosting Plans also available
  • Search Engine friendly with various options
  • Clean Permalink Structure
  • Several other features like Trackback, Pingback, multiple categories etc


  • Quite vulnerable to attacks and hacks, if security measures not taken properly

Joomla – Best Open Source CMS

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Joomla, another Best Open Source CMS in the list comes with the same functionality and ease as that of WordPress. Launched in 2005, Joomla has covered enough distance to create a good and long lasting impression for the lovers of Content Management Systems. As per the estimates, it ranks at second position, just after WordPress as the favorites for CMS Based websites!

Joomla Features

  • Powerful admin interface
  • User friendly and easily customizable options
  • The Best interface for managing a large number of articles
  • Supports around 70 translation packs for multilingual content management
  • The Availability of functionality to monetize your websites with ads


  • Somewhere lies in the middle; not that easy as WordPress, and not that developer friendly as Drupal
  • Hard to find and maintain modules (even the marketplace of modules is limited)

Drupal – Best Open Source CMS

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Another Best Open Source CMS, Drupal was among the first to utilize the concepts of Content management systems. Launched in 2000, it has a wide follower base and is a favorite among the people who have a good hand in development skills.

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Drupal Features

  • Around 39,500 free modules available
  • Around 2570 free themes available
  • The Best Choice for developing advanced websites that require complex functionality
  • The Best Choice for developing community based websites
  • Developer friendly, who are aware of coding


  • Requires technical expertise and not everyone can handle it
  • Somewhat complex as compared to other CMS

Magento – Best Open Source CMS

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One of the Robust Best Open Source CMS, Magento is mostly being used in eCommerce Industry. Perhaps, the Magento is the best choice for the eCommerce Industry. The Magento is considered as the most secured and robust platform; however developing a website on Magento requires more fund comparatively to WordPress. Thus, if you are not restricted to financial conditions, developing your eCommerce website on Magento is recommended.

Magento Features

  • Huge number of built-in eCommerce Online shop related features
  • Search Engine friendly with availability of various options
  • Robust security
  • Allows you to go deeper in customization of front end and backend just like WordPress
  • Availability of lots of plugins
  • Availability of lots of themes


  • Developing and running cost will be on the high side
  • More complex in developing websites as compared to WordPress

Shopify – Best Open Source CMS

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Shopify, another Best Open Source CMS, suitable for eCommerce websites, is considerable for those who want to run a multi-product eCommerce store featured with inventory, marketing tools, customer records and many others. It can be considered as an advanced platform for the serious Business owners, whose motive is to sell their products online.

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Shopify Features

  • Pretty straightforward in handling dashboard
  • Easy to add products, description and all other details
  • Around 100s of templates available to customize the look and feel of the website
  • Automatic Support in adding SEO Titles and Description
  • Automatically adds homepage, Blog and About us Page (which can be deleted, of course)


  • Not free (the minimum monthly plan is $29)

MARKET SHARE OF Best Content Management Systems

# CMS Market Share
1 WordPress 59.70%
2 Joomla 6.70%
3 Drupal 4.70%
4 Magento 2.30%
5 Shopify 1.70%

There are many other small CMS, like Weebly, Wix etc, which are players in the Content Management Systems. Hopefully we will cover those some other day. For Now, enjoy these Best Content Management Systems, and enjoy your Website. Offer a better online reputation with any one of the above choices!

What are the Best Open Source CMS?

Here is the list of 5 Best Open Source CMS:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Shopify

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