10 Best Free Email Providers

Best Free email Service Providers

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Getting an email ID is as easy as just getting yourself a cup of tea at your home. All you need is to go to the Gmail, and register a fresh email account of your choice. The Gmail has provided everyone with the easy accessibility to the emails. But how many of you are aware of the email service providers apart from the Gmail?

Can you curate a list of Best Free Email Providers on your own? Can you just think of any other email service Providers beyond Gmail?

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Free Email Providers:

Gmail – Free Email Providers


The first one, obviously in the list will be Gmail. With the most popular among the Best Free Email Service Providers, the Gmail offers the most convenient and most reliable email services in the list. With both the free version and the paid version available, the Gmail offers a customized email to the people who are looking for emails like yourname@yourcompanyname.com.

With lots of customized and better features, the Gmail email services are at the best. With around 10 GB of storage offered free, the Gmail comes with numerous features which can’t be explained in a single article. The Gmail undoubtedly is the best among the Best Free Email Service Providers in the list.

Yahoo Mail – Free Email Providers

Yahoo Mail

There was a time when the Yahoo Mail was the favorites among the people; but with the passing of times, the quality issues and lack of innovation saw it being thrown from the pecking order. However, the new Yahoo Mail stands as among the Best Free Email Providers.

With some new features being introduced in the email services, the Yahoo Mail can now again be adopted for really some good features. Compared to Gmail (which can send up to 25MB in a single mail); the Yahoo mail can now be used to send up to 50 files or 100 MB file size in a single mail.

Outlook – Free Email Providers

Microsoft Outlook

For office 365 users, the Outlook offers as among really powerful Free Email Service providers, with a more powerful and tidy interface, without any ads. There’s a lot you can do with the outlook, as it offers the integration of social networks form the email account and is more focused on the integration of the latest trends in the online world. There’s a lot of features which you can explore with the Outlook.

Yandex Mail – Free Email Providers

Yandex Mail

This Yandex Mail, a product of Russian Search Giants Yandex, is another option for the people, who don’t want to use their phone numbers for the creation of free emails just like on Google and Yahoo.

Offering unlimited space starting at 10 GB, the Yandex Mail comes with various themes, to make your day more colorful and lively. There are lots of features to explore with Yandex Mail and you will surely love this mail among the Best Free Email Service Providers.

Zoho – Free Email Providers

Zoho Mail

Zoho is another one of the Best Email Providers, which you can explore for your use. More suitable for small businesses as it comes with several features meant to serve the small business in a better way, the Zoho Mail services available for personal use serve some good features for the users. One of the easiest email accounts to use, the Zoho serves unlimited inbox storage.

Mail.com – Free Email Providers


Mail.com offers something really interesting, which no one else can; with around 200 domain names to choose from, you can select from among 200 domain names in the following ways:

  • Yourname@consultant.com
  • yourname@lawyer.com
  • yourname@engineer.com and many more

However, if you aren’t looking for such domain names, you can proceed further with the simple one like yourname@mail.com, just like other email service providers.

Protonmail – Free Email Providers


The Email Providers, with a more emphasis on the security and privacy, the Protonmail is a product collectively developed by CERN and MIT scientists. It can be accessed through the Tor network, or through webmail client or through dedicated Android and iOS apps.

AOL Mail – Free Email Providers

Aol Mail

AOL Mail is quicker than any other email service provider in attaching files. Also with the simple interface and it’s iconic “You’ve Got Mail” alert, the AOL Mail has been since 1993 and still serving the people with its free email services.

GMX – Free Email Service Providers


GMX is another name in the list of Best Free Email Service Providers, which offers both the free and paid services for the email services. With around 11 million active users, the GMX offers a good number of users. Also, with the GMX Mail, you have the option to choose from any extension yourname@gmx.com or yourname@gmx.us.

Tutanota – Free Email Providers


Tutanota has more than 2 million users in the entire world, and with the encryption services, the Tutanota serves as one of the most secure platforms for the users around the world. With 1 GB Storage and attachments up to 25 MB, everything is encrypted with the Tutanota.

There are many more Free Email Providers around in the world, which serve the purpose of providing free email services to the users. They will be discussed some other day!

What are the Best Free Email Providers?

Here is the list of Best Free Email Providers:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook
  • Yandex Mail
  • Zoho
  • Mail
  • Protonmail
  • AOL Mail
  • GMX
  • Tutanota

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